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    Convert a bike to indoor trainer with flywheel?


    This forum seems like a logical place for this question - since I assume people here know how to make and alter things very well. If I'm out of place here - sorry about that ..

    I'd like to retrofit an old road bike with a fixed-gear flywheel (in place of the rear wheel ) to use as an indoor trainer. Most of the commercial indoor cycles I've seen have anywhere from a 32 to a 60 pound fylwheel. I'll set up some means of resistance - most probably large felt pads actuated by a brake caliper. Has anyone ever done something similar to this? If so - what advice can you provide? Where can one get a suitable flywheel that allows attachment of a fixed gear and lock-ring? I plan to either use an existing rear-wheel-type trainer to support this bike - or possibly consruct a support frame from the readily-available extruded-aluminum industrial-erector-set type sections available.

    Steve A.

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    My idea would be to rig it up to a couple of squirrel cage fans so they blow on you and keep you cool and incidentally provide resistance.

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