It's on. Plans are in the works, so you and all of your friends will have a great time.

featuring our buds chunk 666, cutthroats rva & skidmarkxxx
events including - blind skull, bike orgy, hang-eleven surf bikes, dirty mattress, dirty bikers dozen, everyone-wins cake walk and more.
music provided by stachemassacre (ME!) count porkchopula, undead dirty finger, signore andersonico, and lloydski.
food provided by grub vegan dumpstering gourmands & probably a grill bike too.
beer provided by the bodega around the corner & little brown paper bags.
party all night at undisclosed brooklyn location, but you can probably guess where it is going to be.

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in case you missed any of the last four years, check out rachel meyrick's videos | tod seelie's photos | messnyc's 2006 coverage

FOR ALL NYC HALLOWEEN ALLEYCAT RACERS: Your registration gets you into the afterparty for free. You will receive a wristband which will get you past the $3 cover charge.


This is for everybody. Don't think its not your scene. We put a tremendous amount of work into this one day and night so that strangers and people who don't typically do this sort of thing can have a blast. Encourage all of your friends, especially non bike riding ones to join you. And don't throw bottles off the roof.