Calling all Gravity Bikers:

Rat Patrol Australia announces the Southern Hemisphere Bombing Championship

February 29th, 2008, in the Bundaberra mountain range of New South Wales, RPOZ will host the Southern Hemisphere Downhill Bombing Championship to determine the Southern Hemisphere Downhill Bombing Champion.

Located in the mountains west of Canberra, NSW, the route will be 12 kilometers of paved mountain road descending 666 meters. That's 7.4 miles of road descending 2185 feet or approx 1/2 mile STRAIGHT DOWN. RPOZ has obtained a special government permit to close this road, so you will be bombing on unoccupied paved road, as many times as you'd like.

This bomb will be open to bike club members who attend the Corinbank festival beforehand, three days of interactive festival and music in the spirit of Burning Man. Camping accomodations will be provided and transportation from Sydney can be arranged.

In order to fire up for the bomb you will get drunk and ride the southern hemisphere's longest alpine slide (wheeled bobsled), a 1.2 km stainless steel slide on a wheeled sled. See pictures here:

Note that other than the festival ticket price ($180 AUS, approximately $150 US) everything else will be free, and you will be welcome to bomb the bobsled, the paved route, and the equidistant offroad route as many times as you'd like with a truck ride back to the top.


-Southern Hemisphere Paved 12" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad 12" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved 16" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad 16" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved 20" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad 20" Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved Safety Bike Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad Safety Bike Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved Tallbike Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad Tallbike Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved Chopper Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad Chopper Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Paved Wildcard* Champion
-Southern Hemisphere Offroad Wildcard* Champion

*anything that doesn't fit into any other category

For more information on the festival see For arrangements email

I know it's a stretch- round-trip tickets from the USA cost $1200 when purchased in advance. Please spread the word in case someone is in a position to attend.