Sunday April 27th of 2008 will see Kansas City's first outlaw gravity race mini series!!! The first race will take place at 7am Sunday morning, the second of the mini series will start at 1pm Sunday afternoon. In the spirit of outlaw racing the race locations will not be announced until a day or two before the race date. The announcement of race locations will be sent through a bulletin post from www.myspace.com/midwestgravityriders and emailed from midwestgravityriders@yahoo.com so send your myspace friend invites and email inquires now!

Any vehicle that is propelled ONLY by gravity is acceptable. Skateboards, longboards, slalom boards, soapbox derby cars, motor-less karts, pedal-less bicycles, gravity bikes, roller skates, in-line skates, dirtsurfers, scooters, wagons, butt boards, street luge, office chair, shopping cart, dolly, if it has wheels and you can roll it down a hill, you can race it! Home built machines are encouraged, but please keep in mind your own safety, the safety of other riders, and the safety of any possible onlookers.

Race courses will be fast and will have turns so if you can not steer it or stop/slow it, you will get hurt and possibley hurt other riders and onlookers. The minimum protective gear including helmet, knee pads, helmet pads, and gloves are necessary. These races are not organized or sanctioned. There are no trophies, only bragging rights and new scars. This is not for the sqeamish. Onlookers are encouraged to come out. Number of racers per heat and who/what races against who/what will be determined on race day. Racers participate at their own risk.

These races will be part of the Los Punk Rods event "Los Punk Rods Spring Thing" April 26th at the Blvd Drive Inn - www.boulevarddrivein.com. On Saturday the 26th racers are encouraged to show their race vehicles in the "No Gas Nationals" section of the "Los Punk Rods Spring Thing" event at the Blvd Drive In. Information about this event can be found at www.myspace.com/lospunkrods. Sunday the 27th, early afternoon until close, the Los Punk Rods Car Club and, rat rodders, and some of the racers will be meeting at The Coffee Break for lunch and coffee. The Coffee Break is located on the corner of 51st and Troost in Kansas City, Missouri.

Brought to you by Los Punk Rods Car Club, The Eddie's Bicycle Club, and Midwest Gravity Riders.