I think my rebuild of a 15 yo MTB is gonna end up as a crank-forward semi-recumbent. I really hate being up so high that I can look over the tops of the cars! I am just starting to ride again after switching to motorcycles 30+ years ago. I put on a Pyramid alloy 120mm adjustable stem but still want even more height and layback so I will soon be adding Pyramid alloy "North Road" handlebars. While waiting for the bars I lost it today and cut my seatpost and welded it so the top 6 inches now faces almost straight back. Much nicer to ride even with the crappy straight bar. I'd like the seat even further back but am worried about how much weight I've already transferred from the front to back wheel - I'd hate to wheelie over backwards on an uphill! Ideally I'd like to be able to flatfoot it. I just bought my wife a crank-forward K2 Tailwind and I'm jealous! I'm tempted to cut off the seat tube flush with the top tube and hose clamping a new horizontal seat tube so that I end up with an adjustable seat post that points straight back. Anybody out there done a similar hack? I am putting one of those huge Wald cargo baskets on the front so will have a little more weight up front to hold 'er down.