Hello all. I currently have a Haro Nyquest Backtrail24 BMX with 24" wheels on it. Yah, it is fun to ride anywhere, and can pick up some speed! Anyway, after getting a ton of flats over the summer, I thought up a great idea. Would it be possible to replace my current forks with suspension forks? Would these fit on my bike? It has a gryo brake system. I think that the current fork is 1.25" in diameter at the top. Maybe a few centimeters bigger. I will probably end up going to my LBS and getting the forks fitted. I just wanna be sure that this idea will work. I don't have my heart set on this fork, so you can tell me which ones will fit, if any. Any questions? Don't be too afraid to ask. Thanks in advance!

P.S. This is not to just fix my problem of flat tires, but to also make the ride a little smoother and better on the bike (and the rider!)