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    Pixie Bikes in Downhill Racing

    I just now found this story online:

    "Annual oddity pairs tough guys and Barbie bikes
    By DAVE PHILIPPS ; The Gazette
    Published: October 24th, 2008 11:18 AM
    COLORADO SPRINGS -- COLORADO SPRINGS-The whole thing was probably a bad idea from the start: Spend 10 bucks on a yard sale kiddie bike built for a 5-year-old, strip off the training wheels, then line up for a full-contact, mass-start ride down a mountain.
    It's called the Pixie Repack - "pixie" for the pintsize bikes, "repack" for what riders have to do to their rear hubs once the high speeds make the bearing grease go up in smoke.

    "It was a bad idea, but we seem to have a lot of people who are very good at it," said Jon Hurly, one of the riders.

    So when a pack of bikers finished the first running of the Pixie Repack four years ago, they had such a good time they decided to do it again the next year. And the next.

    A few more riders each year started hunting for little pink Barbie bikes at lawn sales.

    Some even started customizing the frames and adding extras, such as hand brakes.

    In a way, the annual exercise in the absurd gets to the heart of what bicycling is all about.

    "It makes you feel like a kid again," one of a dozen racers said as they perched at the top of High Drive, ready to bomb down.

    "Yeah, a really dumb kid," another murmured.

    In front of them, the dirt road plunged 1,700 vertical feet into Bear Creek Canyon in Denver, twisting through switchbacks like a gravel version of an ice luge. The road ahead was fraught with pixie-eating gullies and head-size boulders. The bikes were wobbly and poorly built - better at breaking than braking..."

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    Looks like a real thrill...a little too much for me but still fun for those who are young enough to enjoy...

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    ummm, ZOOBOMB!

    Sounds like a great time. No beef there, but the article makes it sound like it has never been done before.
    Been around for 6+ years
    zoobomb century (100miles on a kids bike)
    Tour de Bomb (speed race every minibike winter)
    This Race is a Pipe Bomb (kids bikes down storm drains race)
    plus many, many more

    Eugene and Salt Lake City
    Been around for 2 years

    Oklahoma City Bomb

    Mini Bike Army
    Vancouver BC

    Duluth Bomb
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