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    Double-crown forks for choppers

    I'm planning on turning a junk frame I found into a chopper-type bike with forks about 3 feet long. Do I need double-crown forks, like these?

    Obviously, mine won't be DH suspension forks like in the picture, but it's the fork crown I'm interested in.

    My fear is that a single-crown fork won't be strong enough, as the longer fork legs are obviously going to act as levers and put a lot of stress on the crown. Is that likely to be an issue?

    If I do need a double-crown, where could I get one in the UK?

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    I've taken the fork off a cheap (really cheap, as in thrown away/free) mtb, and extended the tubes.

    One like this:

    One of my junk-pile Huffy/Murray bikes had tubes that were the exact same width, just slugged them and welded on to the mtb fork tubes (leaving the suspension for bashing into curbs/children/poodles).
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