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Thread: Gearing change

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    Gearing change

    I have a Trek 5200 with a triple (53/39/30) and a 12/27 cassette. I'm thinking of switching this to a compact setup as follows:

    FSA compact crank 50/34, custom Shimano-compatible cassette 11/28. This gives essentially the same range as the triple, but with less duplication of ratios, the simplicity of a double, a little less weight, and--the main motivation--fewer double shifts.

    I have the FSA crank, but am confused about what I'll need to buy:

    1. Can I keep the triple front derailleur?
    2. Should I keep the long cage rear derailleur? Will a short cage work?

    Any comments on making this switch appreciated....

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    Front derailleur will be fine. Keep the long cage rear derailleur.

    Sounds like a good change.

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