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    Lowrider type trike sellers in UK?

    Hey there,

    Does anyone know of a good (read - cool) lowrider trike manufacturer / distributer in the UK?

    I'm asking for a friend who wants to start riding for exercise and transport but can't ride anything with two wheels for balance (medical) reasons. I've had an hour long search online (with strong ugoogling skills) but haven't found a seller of the right style yet.

    I've mostly come across trikes which look like mobility machines whereas she's after something a lot cooler. Imagine a good looking, low slung, custom beach style chrome laden trike with chunky tyres and no baskets.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Pretty much describes Recumbent trikes in general
    Australian Greenspeed a good place to start.
    Tadpole is 2 wheels in front steer, 1 in back is the power

    The other arrangement Delta has 1 steering wheel and ! powered wheel

    or a differential with 2 wheels powered, adding a kick up in complexity and cost.

    3rd possibility , power the front wheel and steer the back not done often , but possible..

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