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    rim/wheel for a schwalbe Big Apple 14x2.0

    I am looking for a rim to fit a Schwalbe Big Apple 14x2.0
    With a hub to use with a discbreake.

    Anyone who could point me in the right direction on where to look?

    Thanks in advance

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    The only wheels I can find in 14" diameter (2.125" width) are child's bicycle wheels, that will have low-grade hubs+bearing for certain, usually only 16 spokes, and probably low-grade (low-tire-pressure) rims as well.

    One example-

    You could lace in any hub you wanted, only using 16 spokes.
    Alternately, you could drill 16 more spoke holes in the rim yourself for a 32-spoke hub. The spoke holes don't need to be spaced exactly perfect.


    If you can use a 16-inch wheel/tire instead, then you are into the 305 size and you can find "real" bicycle parts. Not a whole lot of choice, but definitely better options.
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