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  1. Talking Bunny Blind Date
  2. Silly Article on Bicycle Cheating
  3. One Liners
  4. Gladiator
  5. Politically-correct, *not*
  6. Talking Dog For Sale
  7. Two seater Air plane crashes ..
  8. 'Do you know me?'
  9. At the Optometrist..
  10. The Question and Answer Thread
  11. Happy St. Stupid's day
  12. The Marriage Joke Thread
  13. Things we learned from the movies. (Longish..)
  14. Personality Quiz: How Sarcastic Are You?
  15. Can we please end the herecy?
  16. Canada, The Only Place You’ll See Something Like This…
  17. You know you're a cyclist when...
  18. Classic emails
  19. The Hearing Test
  20. Favorite Humorous Videos II
  21. bono got his comeuppens.
  22. Yeah, Some of my best work
  23. Where did everything go?