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  1. Car-Free Day in Paris
  2. Car Culture Critique in Confederacy Documentary
  3. 2 weeks in going car light: now Road Rage
  4. Paris to go car free for a day.
  5. Celebrates turning 90 with his daily ride on the bike he got for his 14th birthday
  6. Almost car free
  7. From getting rid of the streetcars to making automatic cars
  8. Commuting 26 miles in 91 minutes
  9. What cycling GEAR do you use less, and why?
  10. Cool Bus, Edmonton
  11. What cycling gear have you stopped using and why?
  12. Car-Free Tourisim Promoted in Scotland
  13. Wheeled pedestrian...slow riding...trans-sport...utility riding...transport cycling..
  14. Montreal city of cyclists
  15. the popularity of commuting by car is declining, gradually.
  16. Houston just dramatically improved its mass transit system without spending a dime
  17. The History of the Paris-Brest-Paris
  18. Brooklyn--woman uses her bike to help pet owners get pet food and vet care
  19. L.A. will add bike and bus lanes, cut car lanes in sweeping policy shift
  20. Amish frustrating drivers in Kentucky as new ruling allows them to ride bikes
  21. A new consideration in regards to autos
  22. Has anyone heard from wahoonc?
  23. Car-free transportation in Dhaka
  24. Did the LCF forum influence your decision to be car free?
  25. Does car-free living naturally evolve to include multiday travel?
  26. Free Camping Options for the Frugal Car-Free/Light Cycletourist
  27. Living car free under the radar
  28. "The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Inner City Cycling"
  29. "Cedar Blocks and Devil Strips: Cycling the Streets of 1898" (from RebelMetropolis)
  30. Four types of transportation bicyclists
  31. As a bicyclist, are you a gadgeteer or a minimalist?
  32. user-to-user bike-share transfers
  33. Top 12 Cities for growth in bicycle commuting
  34. How tough are water proof panniers when it comes to using them to haul groceries?
  35. A different take on bike theft
  36. Stepping over to the Dark Side
  37. Looking for a trailer that will work with a dutch bike?
  38. living car free in the city - what would an appropriate bicycle choice be?
  39. Bicycle statistics
  40. When will the bike begin to really compete with the car again?
  41. State Park Amenities
  42. Grocery Delivery Services
  43. Sustainability Month
  44. Minneapolis is doing something about the real parking problem.
  45. Are the children of the new millennium wimps?
  46. Bike and Pedestrian Urban Planner Job Opportunity in STL
  47. The people on the bus
  48. Do you have hissy fits on the road?
  49. Are bicycles a NEW technology?
  50. Are you proud to live car free?
  51. Desserts and the Car Free
  52. Nearly Nothing, but Made Me Smile
  53. Jewellery Desert in Portland OR
  54. Food deserts and the carfree
  55. Who wants to warn me not to waste my money?
  56. Slow, rainy start to commuting by bike
  57. Car lite 4th of July - How did you celebrate?!
  58. Online Life
  59. Oregon--the first per-mile gasoline tax in the nation starts today
  60. Why would you duct-tape your spokes?
  61. 1900 Tram Ride Through England
  62. Living Car Free in an apartment
  63. Driving an electric vehicle can generate less GHG than cycling
  64. Depressing, but not surprising
  65. I dont know what bike to get....
  66. Grocery getter
  67. car free with a baby
  68. Lansing MI
  69. Electric power?
  70. Happy Solstice!
  71. We've been missing out on something.
  72. Selling the car - taking the plunge into car-lite
  73. Telecommuting is bad for you
  74. Detroit or Portland -- Which one is the real bike city?
  75. Hauling unusual items.
  76. Car-free in college/university
  77. teach your children well?
  78. Do you cycle while intoxicated?
  79. Thread topic brainstorming
  80. How come you're carfree or carlight?
  81. Does your employer make it harder to be carfree?
  82. Towing a 90# dog....
  83. I rode a bike!
  84. Mandatory helmet laws: Are they designed to limit transportation bicycling?
  85. Announcing the 20 most bike-friendly cities in the world (2015)
  86. Park and Ride
  87. Google Night Glass for Dark Bike Roads?
  88. Bike Share Programs
  89. Groningen: the worlds cycling city
  90. Parking Garages Near Highway Off-Ramps
  91. How does your state rank for transit?
  92. Where to live car lite/free
  93. What to Do When You're Hit By a Car (citylab.com)
  94. Tulsa Oklahoma -- The Hub
  95. Places Where It's Faster to Bike or Walk than Drive
  96. Beer Bikes
  97. Best way to start? Insurance against giving up?
  98. What do you think about trains now?
  99. People who commute by car are less happy and less healthy than the rest of us
  100. How do you handle shopping at multiple stores in one bike trip?