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  1. Need Some Advice on O/A Regulators for a Beginner's Setup
  2. Longshen series 300 lugs
  3. What do you think of this frame damage (Reynolds 531)?
  4. Sandblasting + Powdercoating - How to make sure stamped VIN on BB is still legible?
  5. aluminum bike frame.
  6. Source for "Overdrive" bottom bracket shells?
  7. Stainless steel tubing: Strength vs stiffness
  8. Dream bike
  9. TIG vs Mig welding
  10. stuck seat post thread #99,182: The oversized seat post
  11. Frames made with Timetal 15-3 or 15-3-3-3 Titanium Tubing
  12. Please direct me to information about fork design
  13. Looking for a jig
  14. Looking for a frame builder to work with
  15. Looking for a specific frame
  16. french steel tubes
  17. Mongoose Seat Post Shear off
  18. Check my geometry please
  19. Best Modern Steel Tubing For Road Bike (columbus?)
  20. Newbie questions on ultra low cost frame building for pedgens in low income countries
  21. WTB Rear Campy drop-out (short)
  22. I need help with a rear dropout.....down and out in Los Angeles
  23. Carbon Fiber Tubes for Bicycle fraem building?
  24. steerer tube die pitch threading advice required.
  25. Is there a users guide to understand the difference in Frame Tube Sets
  26. Building frames as an occupation
  27. New steel for bikes?
  28. Spray Painting Mt Bike Frame with small Compressor advice needed.
  29. Prepping for paint-Sandblasting
  30. Gloss to Matte clearcoat?
  31. Is all double-butted 4130 created equally?
  32. Welding Recommendations
  33. Suggested tubing for first lugged steel frame build
  34. Need info on manipulating Aluminum for repair
  35. fork taper fabrication question
  36. Rebrazing arrachments on a front rack.
  37. Curvy geometry vs. straight geometry
  38. Using mild steel, will the frame collapse and kill me?
  39. Mondonico frame repair?
  40. question about unique touches i found on an NJS frame
  41. VERY slow-going build in process.
  42. S and S coupled Pinion drive frame
  43. Considering purchasing a New Steel Frame & Fork, any input on their frame builders?
  44. Carefully Straightening a Steel Seat Stay that's Dented and Bent
  45. New Framebuilder Website
  46. Ti or Al lug kits?
  47. Are any carbon fiber frame builders active on this forum?
  48. Need help with CAD drawing for new frame
  49. carbon frame life cycle and longevity
  50. Couple of frame questions- 80s steel frames specifically
  51. CS bridge length and gear cable adjuster boss questions
  52. Fork fail caught (just) in time - but how to repair?
  53. Small frame step through, chromoly, internal gear hub...
  54. Zona or Spirit for everyday + light touring
  55. Bottom HT lug
  56. Any frame builders here work @ Kinesis in the mid 90's?
  57. Integrated vs. Non-integrated seatpost clamp
  58. So I'm just about to finish my '71-'72 Peugeot build and...
  59. Dropout/Chainstay Repair
  60. Frame questions
  61. Both frames are 54cm, but 2 inch difference from fork to rear drop out.
  62. Touring Frame Question
  63. Converting a 1987 Cannondale Fork From Roller To Disc
  64. somebody build a frame, willya? This place is getting silly
  65. Artisan bikebuilding
  66. Slotting cable guides?
  67. Water Bottle boss problem
  68. Bent fork with 531c tubing - Reset to proper dimensions?
  69. Early frame dimensions
  70. First road bike build
  71. Screw and Glue (Epoxy) to build a frame?
  72. NY framebuilder to add rear disc tab on steel mtn frame?
  73. Can someone school me on steel as a material for making frames?
  74. How to remove a w/b boss, on the inside of tube?
  75. Trailer wheel mounts for 9mm QR wheels
  76. Best abrasives to clean up brass from brazed frame
  77. Lugged bottom bracket shells and chainstay angle
  78. Shorting the chainstays on an aluminum/carbon frame
  79. I bought serotta... Sorta
  80. Steel Ride and flex qualities equivalent in a Titanium frame?
  81. Dropout repair (rear) opinions
  82. Framebuilder Supply: Anyone have experience with these guys?
  83. bike frame wisdom: what i got vs. the new Rivendell
  84. Hammill fork bender - 8" madrel
  85. Jig Use
  86. What I saw at NAHBS 2015
  87. Bay area beginner, just trying to see what the story is out here.
  88. Chromoly 4130 Tube Sizes???? Bending????
  89. JIGLESS kit and method
  90. Is this frame salvageable?
  91. Frame with Overhead Bar(s)
  92. Length of intersection between down tube and top tube...
  93. Front dérailleur hanger opinion
  94. Is this aluminum frame normal?
  95. Star Bike Frame. Need advice for newbie
  96. Fork Blades for Small Wheels?
  97. Carrera Virtuoso 2002 LTD Edition DECALS
  98. Drafting, CADing, building
  99. Fork question
  100. New steel