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  1. Bike Lanes Say Bicycles Belong
  2. Abuse of Power
  3. Other Agendas
  4. What happened in Texas
  5. Draft paper on lane position
  6. copenhagen cycling sucks
  7. Paint Fail
  8. bikeway controversy in mainstream press
  9. Make Your Rules, Obey the Ones You Like.
  10. Before and After
  11. Ninja Salmon
  12. John Allen rides a NYC cycle track
  13. I am beginning to understand the difference
  14. I grew up riding in bike lanes and paths in the Netherlands
  15. So Vehicular Cyclists... what else should you know?
  16. So if a motorist avoids an unpleasant drive...
  17. How long would it last?
  18. Helmet Chin Strap?
  19. Stay out of the shadows!
  20. Old paradigm/new paradigm thinking in vehicular cycling advocacy
  21. Holiday Cycling
  22. which streetscape design would encourage more vehicular positioning?
  23. John Forester vs. The Human Car
  24. Hurst's Art of Cycling
  25. Can any Vehicular Cyclist show me where VC has increased uptake in cycling?
  26. Vehicular Cycling - a motorhead's wet dream?
  27. Waiting to turn left, how close to double-yellow?
  28. Was pulled over and ticketed on my commute yesterday
  29. What is "lane-splitting" ?
  30. Benefits of Cycling
  31. Keep the Pedestrian in Pedaling
  32. Have Sharrows been FHWA approved in "the manual"?
  33. vehicular cycling on the injured reserve list
  34. VC representing!
  35. riding on the interstates
  36. Using a left or "Inner" shoulder
  37. How much do people learn about problem areas?
  38. Very narrow outside lane?
  39. passing lines of traffic on right and left
  40. How do YOU handle WOLs with traffic and intersections?
  41. curbhugging - a VC technique
  42. more bike lanes :/
  43. vehicular cycling in the bike lane
  44. Death in Santa Cruz
  45. Let's forget names....
  46. Replacing the old memes with new/VC memes
  47. The directed transition from VC to Pedestrian
  48. treehugger has a poll about bike lanes up, VC losing badly....
  49. A message for both sides of the VC debate
  50. Death by lorry - a look at cyclist and vehicle interactions in London.
  51. Vehicular Cycling in Britain
  52. Woohoo! My "almost new" copy of Effective Cycling arrived
  53. Bike lanes are like sidewalks
  54. Making a left turn, traffic and timing...
  55. Are you happier without bike facilities?
  56. "RIGHT TURN ONLY EXCEPT BIKES"- what's a VC to do? ;)
  57. Is JF a god, demon or just a human?
  58. VC is just natural
  59. John Forester's thinking in Canada's Transportation Planning
  60. Riding tests and bike registration?
  61. VC-tis okay to curb hug, it's vc to ride FAR right at intersections
  62. Calling a Forester statement into question.
  63. When is it okay to ignore traffic laws? Groups do it so it must be okay?
  64. Bike Lanes - commuter poll
  65. A Petition Needed for Bike Lanes...ideas?
  66. VC for real - virtually
  67. Cyclists fare best?
  68. curbhugging narrow lanes?
  69. Evaluating advocacy and safety arguments in the pursuit of knowledge
  70. What 'Exactly" is VC?
  71. ABC podcast on cycleways
  72. Where do you ride? picture 1
  73. Why do the VC want bicyclists on shoulders?
  74. VC- its all about convenience for the motorists
  75. shared lane, faster steady traffic, driveway or curb cut- how do the VC cope?
  76. Urban planning and pro motoring or not
  77. U.S. Department of Transportation Seeks Technology Solutions to Reduce Congestion
  78. majority of riding is in violation of VC principles- what to do?
  79. If a car can operate vehicularily in a door zone, can a bike?
  80. Ride Smart
  81. LAB Reform News LAB Elections
  82. VC Confessional
  83. Felt like a textbook A&S 'feelgood' scenario, then reality sets in- I'm BIKING
  84. Prohibit right turns across bike lanes?
  85. The VC Relevance of Luddites
  86. Rutgers paper on promoting cycling...
  87. Route Advice Poll
  88. Bike Maps and VC
  89. Cyclist in Bike Lane
  90. shared lane/bike lane idea
  91. John Forester, this is what cycling advocacy looks like:
  92. Revisiting "vehicular" in "vehicular cycling"
  93. VC vs. Hurst's "Urban Cycling"
  94. required bike lane use: common?
  95. pdx cyclist killed, abolish downtown bike lanes?
  96. What happened to John Forester?
  97. Negotiating left merges at night
  98. Hit and run in Hawaii, big island
  99. I like bikelanes.
  100. Debunking the old tractor theory