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  1. Do you filter (lane split) to the front at stop lights?
  2. Have you ever been clipped, hit, or knocked down by a close-passer?
  3. Is this vehicular?
  4. Using right turn lanes for through travel - do you ever?
  5. How do you signal right turns/shifts?
  6. Where would you ride on this road?
  7. Differences in cycling conditions from WWII to the present
  8. The essence of cyclist rights/reasons to take the lane?
  9. Shoulder or traffic lane--How to decide?
  10. I wonder if these people SHOULD have had cyclist inferiority syndrome
  11. streetfilms.org-- the case for separated bike lanes in NYC
  12. When the outside lane narrows...
  13. riding shoulders- 'vehicular'? "VC"?
  14. Straw man arguments
  15. Can non-vehicular cyclists choose a more efficient route?
  16. lanes that "support" sharing - some observations
  17. Apologies to Doctor Seuss...
  18. different levels of ability amongst "vehicular cyclists"
  19. A call for civility
  20. If JF psychological theories are correct shouldn’t we also be against …
  21. Can vehicular bicyclists choose a more mellow route?
  22. Off topic posts on threads – refreshing?
  23. Does John Forester still ride a bike?
  24. Autocentricity
  25. Who is the "expert?"
  26. How's that VC working out for school kids?
  27. What do you think of the VC/A&S Split?
  28. bike lane point/counterpoint
  29. Bike lane advocates only:
  30. How about providing an option?
  31. Wide lanes
  32. Must be a result of "cyclist inferiority syndrome... "
  33. I saw it, and I believe it
  34. Which are more vehicular shoulders or bike lanes?
  35. How to get sidewalk riders to stop???
  36. Motorist gets a reward
  37. Bike path makes trip faster
  38. Are the dangers of intersection negotiation overstated?
  39. Why do Vehicular Cyclists not even want to try?
  40. How much emphasis should be placed on educating motorists?
  41. What if?
  42. The biggest aspect of the VC/BL debate seems to be IMPASSE
  43. Evidence of bikeways increasing cycling
  44. ;) Freaks of the VC Label
  45. Stupid question time.
  46. Evidence of only accommodating motorized travel reinforcing the notion
  47. Evidence of sidewalks reinforcing the notion
  48. I am a VC advocate & I am OK
  49. Outsider's view of the bike lane debate: "One guy ruined it for all the other guys."
  50. Calgary's Bike Lane
  51. VC and bike lanes are not mutually exclusive
  52. Tactical Analysis Thread: Cycling Related Fatalities/Serious Injury Incidents
  53. Evidence of bike lanes reinforcing the notion
  54. VC at uphill intersections?
  55. Riding on the typical MUP at roadway speeds is...
  56. Act as drivers act? ...which drivers?
  57. traffic & motor pacing on multilane arterial
  58. general-category laws and specific-category laws
  59. Blue Bike Lanes in Philly
  60. Are *any* bike lanes good bike lanes?
  61. Act as drivers of vehicles? -- which vehicles?
  62. 'Bike lane' question
  63. Bike lanes and passing speed.
  64. Does VC rest on a false dichotomy?
  65. Flawed communications
  66. practical VC advocacy for the 21st century
  67. VC: New Rules
  68. VC is anything goes - as long as it's consistent with the ROTR
  69. highway, bike lane, buffer- where does a vehicular cyclist ride?
  70. Advantages of wrong-way riding.
  71. Putting CLP to the test
  72. Should bike paths (in general) be opposed?
  73. "Rules of the Road" a reality for bicycles?
  74. When VC doesn't work
  75. Legality of taking the lane
  76. Cyclist-inferiorities: sub-concepts
  77. VC = Vigilant Cycling
  78. Framing and defining the choices; subcategories
  79. Devices?
  80. The myth of the perfectly competent cyclist
  81. The big flaw of VC
  82. A Free Shirt Graphic: Share The Road
  83. "New" bike rack
  84. VC vs Bike Lanes vs Incompetent Cyclists
  85. Example of bike lane problem: unusual or typical?
  86. I Understand...
  87. Contest: Essence of the BL arguments
  88. Why hasn't AC caught on?
  89. VC position on bike lanes
  90. what skills does a competent cyclist have?
  91. Forester's talk: The Management of Bicycle Transportation
  92. what is an incompetent cyclist?
  93. Is it necessary...
  94. Pro VC editorial in LA Times today
  95. Why hasn't VC caught on?
  96. Who here has really changed their mind?
  97. A Case of CIC
  98. The danger of the road
  99. Your illegal behaviors, and why. (And are/can they be VC?)
  100. Gates to slow bike path traffic. Is this city pro-VC?