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  1. Is it legal to ride on a bike lane stripe?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. Drive your Bike to Work
  4. How many cyclists are regular VC forum posters?
  5. Foreign cycling infrastructure
  6. Try not to kill each other while I'm gone!
  7. Do you consider yourself a vehicular cyclist?
  8. More Bike Lanes = Safer Cycling???????
  9. Is this VC?
  10. Not much has changed in eight years....
  11. Brit Transport Study: Safer to NOT follow rules?
  12. Forester has no problem speaking against recumbents.
  13. How close to the curb will you move to let vehicle pass
  14. NCDOT Bike Manual: Streetwise Cycling
  15. Merging into roundabout
  16. VC acolytes, followers, disciples, etc.
  17. When HH & JF make their claims about cycling...
  18. Roads
  19. Positioning question when RTOL present
  20. Take the VC Challenge!
  21. Changing culture and door zone cycling
  22. Cyclist Inferiority - discussion
  23. The where and why of VC?
  24. Vehicular model or Ped model?
  25. Is it VC to ride on a footpath?
  26. can vehicular cyclists also advocate for bike lanes and paths?
  27. Someone convince me not to put John Forester on ignore
  28. The Four Types of Cyclists
  29. Discussion of "cyclist inferiority syndrome"
  30. What makes a Vehicular Cyclist?
  31. Motorists: friends or foes?
  32. "Right Turn ONLY except Buses & Bikes" Lane- Vehicular?
  33. I though being hit from behind was the least likely crash scenario, according to VC
  34. Why do you agree/disagree with Forester?
  35. WWJR #1? Where would John ride #1?
  36. VC vs. Hurst's "Art of urban cycling"
  37. Stripes II
  38. You'd do it for Randolf Scott
  39. Ride of Silence - May 16
  40. Bike-Force Trauma [Wash. Post]
  41. An old one...
  42. Objectivity
  43. Somebody on BF gave me this. (April Fool's)
  44. Is this VC? (April Fool's Day)
  45. VC and lights at intersections
  46. Congratulations to HH and sbhikes (April Fool's)
  47. Stripes
  48. Chainguarders on BFers
  49. Sprawl and Cycling
  50. Perspectives
  51. The Division
  52. Vehicular Bicycles
  53. VAC puzzler
  54. VCers confessional........
  55. If JF had.......
  56. Why does John Forester have to pass a beauty contest?
  57. Do you think the JF takes on BF posters.....
  58. Do you want John Forester Advocating for you?
  59. Why does VC exist anyhow?
  60. Are you a VC advocate?
  61. I rode VC today
  62. Are WOLs VC in Arizona?
  63. Design a Bike Lane VC study.
  64. Combat Cycling in Taipei
  65. sad :-(
  66. Thank you for the subforum
  67. Cyclist tells me I'm not a car
  68. Forester takes on BF Posters
  69. The VC Pardox?
  70. Who is responsible for your safety?
  71. Some VC definitions
  72. Working definition of "Vehicular Cycling"
  73. Has learning VC made cycling in traffic safer for you?
  74. Evidence that VC is safer
  75. VC best practices pay off
  76. When driving, do you slow down to pass much slower traffic?
  77. Debunking Forester
  78. Bike Facilities Supported by Forester and other Vehicular Cyclists
  79. Bike Lane deaths