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  1. So I took the lane...
  2. Where should Mopeds, Electric Bikes, Bike Conversions,Golfcarts,& NEVs ride or drive?
  3. Is He Serious?!!
  4. Taking the lane vs impeding traffic
  5. First verbal altercation at a stoplight while riding in traffic.
  6. Vehicular Cycling showdown in Vermont
  7. Got yelled at by an ignorant cop
  8. Traffic Control Technologies Advancing
  9. Equal rights?
  10. Fitting in to traffic patterns in other cities
  11. Will they really come if you build it?
  12. educate me!
  13. Facebook Page: "Bicyclists Belong in the Traffic Lane"
  14. Riding in the "Right Tire Track" is NOT using the full lane!
  15. For those who try to follow the rules of the road ~ How often do you goof up?
  16. Is This an Effective Way to Advocate for Cycling?
  17. Do bicyclists really think like this?
  18. Could I have handled this better?
  19. The facts about cycling in Holland
  20. What would you ask an LAB staff person at a conference?
  21. franklin-and-forester-quotes-in-a-dutch-context
  22. Lets talk bikes+ cars the resulting road rage
  23. Crossing an "on" ramp.
  24. cars still greatest threat to peds despite bike-ped death
  25. Narrowly avoiding injuries today on the daily commute route.
  26. Poll: Close calls and car type
  27. Irrate driver challanges family bicycle group.
  28. Best Driver In The World blog
  29. Other Traffic Control Models
  30. Should pedal bicycles be licensed?
  31. What is an SMV
  32. Plate numbers.
  33. Advice on a dangerous intersection.
  34. New guy to forum with his point of view after reading a lot of this section
  35. Pedestrian killed by bicycle
  36. Cyclists, using Londons new blue lanes and bike superhighway outnumber motorists
  37. Vehicular cycling on two lane roads
  38. states without BIKES-FRAP law require bikes operate FRAP on all roads
  39. Which law would you rather be subject to?
  40. FRAP case law anyone?
  41. john forester quote on bicyclists duties to FRAP
  42. the statutory duty of cyclists to share two lane roads
  43. the impact of vc in popular culture is nonexistant
  44. The Real Issue
  45. Is anti vc anti motoring?
  46. For the vc'rs, Iowa Smart Plan
  47. Is this what vc followers really want?
  48. (LTBL:Chap 2a) Those Bothersome Bumps From Behind
  49. (LTBL:Chap 1) The Problem: Bike Facilities and One-Eyed Prophets
  50. (LTBL:Abstract) Listening to Bike Lanes: Moving Beyond the Feud
  51. Are dogmatic push-polls useful to this discussion?
  52. LAB vrs Strict VC... the Reed Bates issue.
  53. should vehicular cyclists ride safely right?
  54. what is a nice shareable road speed?
  55. No-Win Situation
  56. When do you take the lane?
  57. Vehicular Cycling: Cycling's Secret Sect
  58. can cyclists take the lane when there's no traffic in California?
  59. Regards from the "navel of the Earth"
  60. When there is no right-hand lane for traffic you are on ____
  61. Yehuda Moon tackles VC
  62. I'm a little confused as to why the 'VC' subforum exists.
  63. Active & Cooperative Vehicular Cycling
  64. Safety Colors
  65. Is there a better 3' Law?
  66. Diez case
  67. Bicyclists don't need 'three foot rule'
  68. Let ChipSeal Ride
  69. Just so we're clear
  70. Mythbusters on Highway 535
  71. How do vc'rs view this?
  72. Definitions.
  73. Some questions and requests for the self titled vc leader and his acolytes.
  74. John Forester, Robert Hurst, and Cycling Advocacy
  75. the decrepitude of vehicular cycling advocacy
  76. Can Complete Streets fit in with vc philosophy?
  77. The case for advocacy and the history of cycing in Davis.
  78. Reviewing the Cross Study.
  79. Slate Article on 'Facilitators' vs. 'Vehicularists'
  80. Taking a VC class on Saturday need talking points.
  81. The VC Glossary
  82. New study on the impact of transportation infrastructure on bicycling safety
  83. How to 'Copenhagenize' the USofA
  84. just the facts
  85. David Byrne - 'I plan my routes based on where the bike lanes are'
  86. A Situation in which the Sidewalk Seems Safer
  87. "the essense of the VC vision?"
  88. What is 'Best Practice for Cyclists?'
  89. Simple Question - Are There ANY Women Advocating for Vehicular Cycling?
  90. New to VC; passing cars in left turn lane
  91. The Sharrow Thread
  92. Opposition to Mandatory Bike Lane / Bike Path Ordinance
  93. Shed some light
  94. Instinctive Cycling (IC)
  95. Getting more comfortable with VC
  96. Coming to a State Near You?
  97. Critique of bill to change traffic laws for cyclists
  98. Mary Ann's Plea
  99. My Letter to the Editor
  100. Is Vehicular Cycling "natural"?