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  1. Ridekick Power Trailer looks like my answer to power my ICE Adventure 3FS trike.
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  3. How hard would it be to increase the range of this? escooter
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  7. Building an electric bike
  8. 36v 24v supply
  9. Problem with ebike motor? Should i be concerned
  10. Building electric trike
  11. Does any one know where to get this type of kit?
  12. Trek Electric Bikes
  13. Build Complete E-Bike for around $1000
  14. Bionx motor 250/350/500?
  15. Bypassing Speed limit TREK e-bike Ride+ Controller
  16. Chinese made motor controller tester (Lyen)
  17. Any Izip Owners Here?
  18. Any Wielders or Engineers here ?
  19. My test rides of several e-bikes in San Francisco--illuminating and some surprises!
  20. Shopping tomorrow for my first e-bike!
  21. Need e-bicyclist for e-bike news feature/article
  22. Need advice on picking an electric bike
  23. Pondering being an e-bike dealer
  24. Reality check for battery size reduction
  25. Help! new eZip Trailz owner looking to make modifications!
  26. Anyone have experience with the BH E-motion electric folding bike?
  27. Anyone know the Kettler Obra? Compare to Kalkhoff?
  28. Need advice
  29. Trek Ride+ Dealer Software
  30. electric bike in India
  31. Will an e-bike truly make it up my hill?
  32. Aseako/Gette/Rmartin R10/Catic
  33. Kettler Twin or Dahon Briza with BionX kit or just Briza or something else?
  34. Anyone heard of or purchased Papamotor electric conversion kits?
  35. The Xtracycle went out for it's first ride
  36. Adding a throttle to a 'Izip Downtown' model - Is it possible?
  37. New to E-Bikes
  38. volt burlington
  39. eBay ebike kit.
  40. lifepo4 charger recommendations
  41. E-Bike Road Rules
  42. Noisy motor and reduced speed....what could be the problem?
  43. eZee Conversion Kit Questions
  44. Hi! New here, and trying to make a battery decision for my trike :)
  45. 24v LiFEpo4 battery pack- a bit confused on what to get.
  46. Photos of two stage gear reduction for long cargo bikes
  47. Does anyone have advice on cheap bikes that makes good e bike conversions?
  48. Electric Assist for my Pashley with Hub Brakes
  49. This is a letter I had to send to the Chief of Police in a town nearby me.
  50. Need help adding a battery
  51. 350 miles later & I've figured out how to nurse battery discharge for best range.
  52. 250 watt motor
  53. Advice needed on e-bikes
  54. Any Electric Bike Videos?
  55. Difference between Ping and These batteries?
  56. Is my commute possible with an e-bike?
  57. Connectors / Battery problem
  58. Know/own Champion Prodeco Bikes?
  59. Electric power for Wincheetah
  60. feeling scammed, need mini ebike advice
  61. toxic smelling liquid leaking from scooter
  62. Do i want a 36volt motor or a 48 volt motor?
  63. Throttle coming off. Is this something i can fix?
  64. looking for a crazy strong 700C 38 wheels holding me
  65. traction problems
  66. Advice on eBike Project Idea
  67. Fed up with SLA batteries
  68. Homemade li ion ebike battery pack from recycled laptop and Dewalt battery A123 cells
  69. Differences in motor watts?
  70. e-bike information?
  71. Just a suggestion, beneficial.
  72. Advice sought for turning my V-3 Mundo into and e-assisted bike
  73. Rear double layered bike rack
  74. Bionx battery recharging problem
  75. Delivery People Using Electric Bikes.
  76. 48V Free Wheel Rear Bike Kit
  77. Cold weather impact on battery range / life?
  78. Anyone familiar with this eBike?
  79. BionX PL-350 battery/charger
  80. Adding a throttle?
  81. Bionx G2 throttle
  82. Charging BionX Battery While Riding
  83. can i make my bicycle to an electric one? and how?
  84. Bike hub with both left hand and right side threading...
  85. Is it a good idea to allow battery "cool off " a litttle bit before recharging ?
  86. How do i know if i am buying the right E Bike
  87. currie motor derestricting
  88. Lithium Ion Polymer batteries and cold weather
  89. Question about batteries and voltages
  90. 2 hub motors
  91. Motorizing a folding bike, have motor, need bike
  92. Bike new bie: Please help with this Bike:: eneloop-bike-CY-SPA600NA
  93. Help! need info on the lee Iacocca folding ebike
  94. Thoughts on my Recent hub Motor conversion.
  95. Front or Rear wheel drive?
  96. Are Turnigy nano-tech 6000 & 5000 mah battery's any good
  97. Problems with Trek FX+ intermittent power fluctuations
  98. Interesting op-ed in the Toronto Star on e-bikes
  99. Does anyone own the Rmartin R-10 Ebike?
  100. Is an electic bike too heavy to ride in "bike" mode?