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  1. E-bikes and Triggering Stoplights
  2. New idea for inner tube liner..
  3. Ways to improve distance, battery life and pedaling energy...
  4. SLA vs. NiCad vs. Lithium
  5. Decent 36v lights
  6. Ping battery 15ah Vs. 20ah and output...trying to understand.
  7. look at this video !!!!
  8. Take a look at this video....
  9. Are you using pedal assist sensor ? Advantages/disadvantages?
  10. My airless solid rubber bike tires came in..
  11. Great deal on lifepo4 charger...
  12. If you ride in the rain, snow, cold weather, etc...take a look at this ...
  13. Whats the total weight of your electric bike ?
  14. Taiwan Ebikes worth a shot?
  15. Lifepo4 coming down in price...
  16. 60v lifepo4 charger ?
  17. Photos of my electric bike :::
  18. One wheel pull behind bicycle trailer...
  19. Solar Recharging??
  20. Have you measured the voltage of your lifepo4 battery fully charged ??? Please read
  21. First EBike, mechanics special.
  22. Converting a direct drive brushless rear hub motor to geared setup....
  23. UPDATE :::: I just recieved my electric kit from hong kong...
  24. Proof of the declining price of lifepo4 batteries.
  25. check out these 2 videos...
  26. Riding Electric Bicycles on the Road
  27. best way to control top end speed going down steep roads...
  28. Heres some neat info....
  29. Tire sealants for bicycle tube tires...
  30. Questions about spokes on rear wheel electric hub motors..
  31. R/C plane electric motor for an e-bike?
  32. Im taking the plunge and ordering a ebike kit...
  33. Any one with any idea of charging the battery meanwhile biking?
  34. secrets of e-trike design
  35. 3 wishes for your Ebike.
  36. Battery physical wear and tear
  37. parts
  38. Heres a video that many of you may like :
  39. hidden 26650 batteries possible in 27.2mm seatpost and saddle?
  40. Who is riding in the snow and where?
  41. Anyone ever heard of this brand name brushless hub motor ???
  42. This kit seems to get good reviews...
  43. Why was my post deleted ???
  44. This may interest some of you....
  45. Should i send this bike back???
  46. Take a look at this kit !!!
  47. Anyone using airless soild rubber tires ???
  48. What is the most comfortable bicycle seat you have found for your ebike ?
  49. Lipos are not that expensive .......
  50. Would this be a great invention/product ??????
  51. Is this currently the best deal on ebay for a full 100 watt/48 volt bike kit ??
  52. Reducing 500w motor to 250w
  53. Shimano STEPS: Can this system be bought?
  54. Phoenix Cruiser Too Beefy for LiFePo?
  55. Is there a BikePedia for ebikes?
  56. buying 72v battery
  57. Ultra Motors Europa ebike
  58. Bionx 48 volt system
  59. 2000 EVG Global 36V bike(s)
  60. I Need an Electric Bicycle and Soon!
  61. Ford Electric Think Bike
  62. Best conversion kit without giving up Regen Brakes.
  63. Who's Crazy enough to get an Optibike?
  64. Electric recumbent project
  65. Go Electric on an old CrMo road racing bike
  66. Hey guys, another Newbie here...
  67. Hello From Washington State / Electric Bike Question
  68. New Brakes on Trek FX+
  69. Is it bad to spin an electric motor without it being on?
  70. e-bike winter storage
  71. Best place to get a "REAL" 750 + watt motor
  72. Illegal to ship Lipo's by plane to USA - E-bay users
  73. So tired of the BS - The Truth behind e-bike pricing!
  74. Charger for Li - can use with NiMh?
  75. watts volts amps - what fun
  76. my search is over.
  77. Dual Motors - What's the Advantage?
  78. Lawnmower battery in a pinch?
  79. Is this SLA any good for e-bike?
  80. Electric lights on an Electric Bike. Should be easy...
  81. Wow - Magic Pie fiasco...typical GM
  82. Power cuts out under load
  83. Main Power Line. Un-Plug during charging?
  84. Magic Pie II - Periodically Cuts Out.
  85. E-bike Riding Music
  86. I think it will be actually the world's smallest and lightest folding electric bike
  87. The second best buy for an E-Bike...
  88. Regenerative Breaking. How many have it?
  89. Cheapest DC to DC converter
  90. Hypothetical AC e-bike
  91. add on low voltage cut out switch?
  92. Debunking the Regen braking myth
  93. Advice on converting cyclocross or roadbike
  94. How do you set the clock on the Bionx system?
  95. My brand new E-Bike. Video and a question.
  96. Windy with a chance of "OMG Where's my speed?"
  97. Sinclair X-1
  98. why more volts?
  99. I want to build a Folding Ebike to fit in a trunk of a car.
  100. buying used bike and looking at battery options