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  1. simpler thread. varaible Voltage speed controllers
  2. Problem with pedalectric system
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  4. Front or rear wheel drive in the snow?
  5. Converting a Charge Plug "performance bike exclusive edition" road bike?
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  8. Throttle or not throttle your preference?
  9. Questions about E Zip hop up to 36v from 24v: What are benefits/dangers
  10. EZip blowing fuses after putting in new batteries in 48v conversion. atten: DrkAngel
  11. Flat Repair - How To Never Do It Again
  12. Stromer ST2 unreliability.
  13. Bike rack for ebike?
  14. What's the coolest e-bike you have seen?
  15. Electric BMX Build
  16. replacement batteries
  17. New E Rider
  18. New E Rider
  19. Battery Fuse Issues
  20. Preferred brake type for ebike
  21. BIONX 555Wh battery capacity
  22. Polaris E-Bikes
  23. worlds fastest superbike is electric
  24. Battery fitting problem
  25. E-bike (scooter, really) restoration
  26. Motor shuts off when pedaling at 15 mph but not when using throttle only
  27. coming data charger
  28. How often do you ride your e-bike?
  29. FlyKly Smart Wheel
  30. First e-bike build. Feedback, please.
  31. How can I tell if my smart charger is working correctly and not frying my batteries.
  32. Help with choosing bike and parts for E-Bike conversion project
  33. Liberty Trike
  34. What would you do? Front hub or mid-drive...
  35. What ebike carrier do you use?
  36. Can I run a 10amp battery and a 14 amp together in E Zip
  37. Electric assist ideas for tandem
  38. Help Identifying Make and Model
  39. Need opinion on which ebike to get
  40. Fat tyre trekker build
  41. E-Bike (Shudders and vibrates when too much throttle)
  42. Brown/Gold powder near battery plug?
  43. Newbie to ebikes - looking for advice
  44. 2A charger to replace 1.8A charger
  45. A2b Bike and Accessory BlowOut! It's all gotta Go...
  46. Power won't turn on, hear something small rattling
  47. Fatbike Novice
  48. Q's about ebikes?
  49. Electric folding bikes
  50. The Optibike Pioneer Allroad
  51. Finally! Disc Brakes!
  52. advice for buying used on CL?
  53. A new Electric Bike, crowdfunding now.
  54. rear hub motor vibrating,losing power. can u help please
  55. New and Building my Own
  56. New to the field, greetings.
  57. Motor Size And Battery Size
  58. How often to charge e-bike?
  59. Which electric bike is a smarter choice?
  60. Wow! The Bultaco Brinco Electric Bicycle/Motorcycle Hybrid
  61. What LED display is the best for the BBS02 Bafang 8Fun 750W 48V Mid-Drive Kit?
  62. Anyone have experiece with the new Haibike Sduro "Yamaha" Mid-Drive?
  63. My Electric Cargo Bike
  64. Sun Traditional Trike
  65. Anyone done an electric trike conversion? (Front wheel)
  66. Electric Scooter won't run
  67. Dillenger Electric Bikes
  68. Help needed
  69. sprocket key pin removal
  70. Front Wheel Driven E Bike Question
  71. OK. Going to convert an old bike.
  72. Is your e-bike your daily commuter?
  73. HELP! Need Prodeco Mariner G replacement parts
  74. Issues and Assistance with Wuxing HT-268 Electric Bike Please
  75. which controller best suits ?
  76. Ultimate Commuter Ride?
  77. Throttle v & controller v ,, which should i go with
  78. Costs Too Much?????
  79. Diagnostic help for 48V 1000w Chinese Easy Racer conversioon
  80. My first electric bike
  81. Gas Electric Hybrid. Insane or badass?
  82. 30 miles a night
  83. Needed: Replacement Ampedbikes. Hybrid Electric Conversion Kit Mini 2A Charger
  84. throttle for my electric bike
  85. Never expected how much other bikers hate e-bikes
  86. Comfort/Beach Cruiser style bike
  87. New Bionx battery for my Ohm Urban 700
  88. Can a Bafang mid-drive shift an internal Sturmey Archer hub?
  89. salt lake city - need help
  90. Build vs Buy - Starter E-bike
  91. Which is the best pedal assisted kit for my necessities?
  92. Xootr Swift-e (Electrified) - 8 Speed,...I personally wouldn't recommend it.
  93. Stealth fixie e-bike
  94. TREKKER fat tyre bike
  95. Noob build here, tell me what I'm about to do wrong, so I don't do it
  96. Protected batteries wont work serial, serially seriel ?
  97. Ford's latest eBike breaks down to fit in your trunk!!!
  98. Dead Bionx System
  99. Nano brand motors in the US?
  100. hongducz 48v 13ah fat tyre ebike