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  1. converting 700c bike to 26 inch with xtracycle and new fork
  2. Tennis balls for bar-end protection?
  3. 5$ saddle bag for a long tail? sweet
  4. Reverse gear for a trike?
  5. Xtracycle goes open source
  6. Time to vote in the "What's the biggest thing you carried on your bike" contest
  7. My Long John cargo bike
  8. You guys don't go here, do you?
  9. A folding Xtracycle in the works?
  10. $1300 utility bike
  11. unique rack/fender solution needed
  12. Check this out
  13. Front utility rack
  14. RANS Hammer Truck
  15. How do you keep the trailer from knocking the bike over while you are load it?
  16. The Bike Industry is throwing a party, are you invited? (Xpost from Commuting)
  17. MTB to utility/commuter conversion
  18. A rack that attaches to the seapost and the chainstays?
  19. Around Town Bike
  20. 2009 Big Dummy complete bike!
  21. Maximum speed with trailer?
  22. Another Xtracycle thread
  23. Big Dummy to be offered as complete bike
  24. Thinking about IGH
  25. Best Bike to add Free Radical / Xtracycle to?
  26. Found a good utility
  27. pedicab insurance?
  28. New cargo bike company in Philadelphia
  29. Xtracycle Glamour shots (photo heavy)
  30. Custom-Built Pizza Rack
  31. Really great looking commercial...
  32. My bicycle mini-van: Xtracycle with handlebars for kids
  33. Anyone use this hitch?
  34. Xtracycle Centre Stand
  35. Rickshaws?
  36. Utility: trailer or long bike ?
  37. Anybody know a computer that works on a Big Dummy?
  38. My Xtra Idea
  39. Installing a Wald Rear Basket?
  40. Underseat bottle opener?
  41. 16" -vs- 20" dual wheel trailer wheels?
  42. Good pannier for groceries on mtn bike?
  43. show me some current model 3 speeds
  44. How can I get a fork mount to pivot?
  45. Fenders for Xtracycle and Big Apples
  46. Made footplates for my Kona Ute
  47. New Xtracycle Accessories...
  48. pillion/ passengers and rack suggestions for same
  49. Free Bike Repair & Maintenance Classes Now In So. Cal.
  50. My new Xtracycle with e-assist
  51. burley flatbed setup for grocery run?
  52. What is a hybrid? Plse explain!
  53. Beating a dead horse!
  54. Fed up with cheap bycycles.
  55. Lockable Rack Boxes?
  56. Wheels bend on bike trailer?
  57. Story Time
  58. Gary Fisher Simple City
  59. Has anyone ever built a Tandem axle trailer
  60. Is this bike able to be reborn into an Xtracycle?
  61. "the perfect bike" project
  62. Xtras and snow.
  63. My new bike
  64. Building my first longbike, got a couple questions.
  65. My Big Dummy Build is almost complete!
  66. The Dr. Dew Files
  67. Overall cost of building your own trailer
  68. Using a Dolly for a bike trailer?
  69. Getting close to xtracycles limits
  70. 500lb rated Aluminum trailer frame at Harbor Freight
  71. Big Dummy/Rohloff first impressions
  72. Awesome DIY Grocery Pannier Find!!!
  73. my local paper has bakfiets article
  74. Motivation for Ute's choice of pannier...
  75. 20" Big Dummy frames now in stock at QBP!!
  76. DB Response for entry-level and upgrade
  77. Have you gotten your Waffle Bike yet?
  78. adding a spring clamp to rear rack
  79. Review of Azor Secret Service (cross post from Commute forum)
  80. Neat xtracycle-electric mod
  81. Got my Kona Ute
  82. Can you install a CETMA with brake and gear cables?
  83. tips for a wicker basket
  84. Road Frame Xtracycle?
  85. new xtracycle-made bicycle--the radish
  86. Getting a 7 year old to school
  87. Good rear rack
  88. Panniers?
  89. Surly frame questions
  90. My free Radical is on the way!
  91. Installng Gears/Brakes on Trike?
  92. Any Tips on Brazing?
  93. using crutches to make utility bike
  94. Took the Xtracycle Plunge: Thoughts on 2 child carrying
  95. Big Dummy Recovery Vehicle
  96. Is this buissness still around?
  97. For those of you looking for a child trailer.
  98. Simple City: Loaded Ride report?
  99. OMG I want a Kona Sutra!
  100. What's the biggest thing you've hauled on your bike?