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  1. Rear mech identification!
  2. Lumbar disc herniations, any experiences, recommendations?
  3. A broken hip
  4. Tandem seat project
  5. Looking for a verticaly mountable hydraulic brake lever
  6. having difficulties getting on a bigger bike please help
  7. National Ride of Silence-Disabilities
  8. Bike powered wheelchair
  9. MS Cycling difficulties
  10. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  11. learning to ride with multiple sclerosis
  12. I've Got A Bad Hand
  13. how long before you tried riding
  14. One handed shifting
  15. Mtn bike w/ hydraulic brakes -- one lever to two brakes?
  16. Buying an old bike in Japan
  17. Dust protection
  18. AK leg needs starting advice
  19. school program
  20. looking for one handed operation
  21. Saddle/butt padding
  22. Hard to be disappointed...
  23. Able-bodied/Disabled Long-Distance, etc.
  24. newbie tire question
  25. New foot
  26. Help Building Up Invacare XLT Handcycle for a friend.
  27. Finger amputee (advice needed)
  28. Amputee Cyclist 'not afraid to fail
  29. BK Socket Retention
  30. Planning and prepping for touring
  31. Dual bike trailer/stroller for handicapped?
  32. Help and advise
  33. Neoprene alternatives? Please help! (Cross-posted)
  34. Gear shifter for wrist impaired people
  35. Looking for Custom Bicycle Handlebar Vendors or DIY ideas
  36. going to start a new bike for my wife need advice
  37. Need a road pedal with float, and ability to twist IN to release.
  38. Looking for a step through road bike frame
  39. Free tandem hire to people with Special Needs or Disabilities
  40. Rifton Wrangler or R140 Trike component Specs/measurements?
  41. Modifying Pedal rotation for 4 year old with delays?
  42. looking for parts to modify a MT fury roadmaster bike for my wife
  43. help adapting my wifes bike
  44. Anyone using the rare earth magnet suspension/retention yet?
  45. Pedals for bk amps
  46. Cervical Spine Injury
  47. front wheel drive trike for my special needs 13 year old
  48. Brake levers for single hand...
  49. Handcycle and Great Allegheny Passage & C&O Canal Trail ?
  50. Handcycle lap belt help
  51. New riding leg
  52. lower back
  53. Input on seat material
  54. (back problems) I need a seat that is shock absorbent, and very comfortable.
  55. Helmet help
  56. Looking for riders for a photoessay on overcoming.
  57. Going from fixed to single speed, what are the benefits?
  58. riot chair handicapped minimalist bike trailer
  59. handicapped persons bike trailer
  60. How many miles did you ride this ____?
  61. Adapt right shifter for right handi-capped rider
  62. Limited leg ROM looking for options.
  63. Pistorius makes Olympic history
  64. Son needs assistance
  65. Need help for post-op knee surgery rider
  66. Above Elbow Amputee Back on Bike After 14+ Years!
  67. Fast cold wind in the face is causing me to slow down. Facemask???
  68. Pedals for a foot injury
  69. RoChair and RoTrike, looks good to me but they are too expensive?
  70. handcycle racing regulations
  71. What bike should I buy (crosspost with clydesdales forum)
  72. Adapting to different leg strengths
  73. best handcycle for distance
  74. Fellow amps
  75. Handcycle riding and Calories Burned
  76. Cycling with low back pain
  77. Eight guys, seven legs
  78. Have Rheumatoid Arthritis with deformed hands and want to bike
  79. Trying to customize my trike
  80. Constant lower back pain
  81. A Big Thanks to Our Wounded Warriors
  82. bike that is easy on the back
  83. Cmt
  84. New adaptive cycling control system!
  85. Can a leg amputee learn to do the efficient start on a bike?
  86. Great article about riding with a prosthetic
  87. Ask not what your community can do for you...
  88. Planning To Move Out Of Tallahassee, FL Sometime In Next 2 Years
  89. what IS this crazy "bike"???
  90. Oscar Pistorius
  91. Handlebar Adaptation Help
  92. The Further Adventures of Punkncat
  93. Multiple Sclerosis and bicycles
  94. Pedals to secure foot with AFO
  95. Thanks for the help with my prostesis!
  96. Bikes for those with Serious Lower Back Injury
  97. New member - above knee amputee rider
  98. Spread the word about; PROJECT FREEDOM
  99. Have a problem need help!
  100. Riding one handed and cross-winds