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  1. handicapped persons bike trailer
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  3. Adapt right shifter for right handi-capped rider
  4. Limited leg ROM looking for options.
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  11. RoChair and RoTrike, looks good to me but they are too expensive?
  12. handcycle racing regulations
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  15. best handcycle for distance
  16. Fellow amps
  17. Handcycle riding and Calories Burned
  18. Cycling with low back pain
  19. Eight guys, seven legs
  20. Have Rheumatoid Arthritis with deformed hands and want to bike
  21. Trying to customize my trike
  22. Constant lower back pain
  23. A Big Thanks to Our Wounded Warriors
  24. bike that is easy on the back
  25. Cmt
  26. New adaptive cycling control system!
  27. Can a leg amputee learn to do the efficient start on a bike?
  28. Great article about riding with a prosthetic
  29. Ask not what your community can do for you...
  30. Planning To Move Out Of Tallahassee, FL Sometime In Next 2 Years
  31. what IS this crazy "bike"???
  32. Oscar Pistorius
  33. Handlebar Adaptation Help
  34. The Further Adventures of Punkncat
  35. Multiple Sclerosis and bicycles
  36. Pedals to secure foot with AFO
  37. Thanks for the help with my prostesis!
  38. Bikes for those with Serious Lower Back Injury
  39. New member - above knee amputee rider
  40. Spread the word about; PROJECT FREEDOM
  41. Have a problem need help!
  42. Riding one handed and cross-winds
  43. Carpal tunnel handlebars?
  44. Hello
  45. short crank and stem riser for limited hip ROM
  46. Sidecar or Trailer
  47. Able to help in Albuquerque
  48. OT: Semper Fly - wounded vets recover through fishing
  49. Ride2 Crank Shortener
  50. New to the of world visual impairment ...
  51. Recumbent Trikes
  52. Why cycle?
  53. handbike - ampute adaptation. It is made in Ukraine.
  54. Help for My Sister
  55. At Lake Jackson, yesterday
  56. XC ski machine
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  59. Cycling, Law Enforcement, Health
  60. The Incredible Sory of Monique Van Der Voorst - Nerve Regeneration And Recovery!
  61. One hand riding and lower back pain
  62. Returning soldier, BKA MTB fix
  63. Help yourself, help others...
  64. Double Partial foot amputee with amputations to 3 fingers needs help deciding.
  65. Looking to raise handlebars on bike
  66. I'mma toot my horn a little, and I hope you can take some inspiration away from it.
  67. Srt
  68. Two people, three feet, on a ride....again
  69. resveratrol, arthritis and cartilage
  70. First ride in a while .... but I remembered how
  71. WWP Soldier ride
  72. Neil B and Peter C ride the Thun Trail, June 2010
  73. My "Mobility" vacation 2010
  74. custom hybrid
  75. 40 miles on the Silver Comet trail.
  76. First 40 mile ride! Cold, windy, and FUN! (very long)
  77. Shimano Biopace - For Those Aching Knees.
  78. Article about simple adapataion for person with limited use of one hand
  79. anyone ride with a shortened crank
  80. AFO suggestions
  81. A Bike For Gareth - adaptation for CP
  82. Adaptive Cycling Roundtable October 23, 2011
  83. Cycling Shoe Partnerships Thread
  84. I need a left MTB shoe....
  85. Phantom Limb Pain Treatments
  86. Bike shops that fix wheelchairs for free?
  87. Show Your Handcycles!
  88. Wheels for Wellbeing
  89. Book Review - One Man's Leg, by Paul Martin
  90. Setting your bike up for one hand riding
  91. Quote of the day....
  92. Introduce yourself!
  93. Oh, finally... A Forum For Visual Impaired And Other Disabilities
  94. Not perm. Disabled, but now Aware!
  95. Camera and tablet for daytime traffic light
  96. Adaptive Equipment and Shops
  97. Welcome to our new Adaptive Cycling Forum.
  98. Looking for leg amputee riders
  99. Any others out there
  100. I got my ass kicked by a one legged cyclist