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  1. Best Electric Trikes
  2. Bicycle Touring with Disability's Medical like Diabetes and Eye Problems etc???
  3. Best shifter for weak/small hands?
  4. Swampy Liners
  5. Disabled Veteran(s) (Disabled) with Brain Injuries Who Lost Driver's License
  6. Hand trike Requirements
  7. Introduction: BK Returns to Cycling
  8. bike trailer for Trike (again!)
  9. Ergonomics (especially at the wrist)
  10. ADA turns 25
  11. Shimano SPD Sandal 1 43-44 and 1 39-40 NE NV
  12. Knee pain while cycling
  13. Pedal bike with hinged front stem for additional power?
  14. Options for 81 year old mom who never learned to ride bike
  15. Long term rheumatoid arthritis and now Fibromyalgia-trike/recumbent
  16. Need handbrake options
  17. Changing a tyre, without hands
  18. Hydrocele
  19. Prosthetic Limb Help
  20. Unable to use rear brake on a road bike
  21. PC gaming with one arm
  22. Thumb brake for rear brake
  23. Autism on a Bike
  24. Insurance helping with Bike Purchases ??
  25. Duet wheelchair tandem
  26. Want to use a specific foot/leg combo with a specific pedal
  27. A kind mans efforts to adapt a bike remembered 50 yrs on
  28. bike lock you can manipulate with one hand?
  29. Need bike for 7'2" kid with Marfan Syndrome
  30. German police apologise for fining one-armed cyclist for riding his bike with only on
  31. Hearing and Speakers
  32. Alex Zanardi appears on Letterman.
  33. Saddles?
  34. Uphill handcycling advice
  35. Adapted hand crank cycle, for a friend
  36. Looking for ideas to enable left hand rear gear changes on road bike
  37. Adaptive Technology for Cycling (one arm amputees)
  38. Alex Zanardi: Touch the Sky
  39. Limited ROM looking for options.
  40. Bike for university - existing TrekFX7.3 or buy (& set up) another 'used' bike ?
  41. single speed coaster
  42. Bike for sister (left Hemiparesis)
  43. They found a way to still ride together
  44. help in building first bike (peugot)
  45. Looking for 165 left side crank arm for FSA SLK carbon crank megaexo
  46. Triple Bypass 2014
  47. Does my brand new freewheel (Halo Clickster) need time to wear in?
  48. Glaucoma gloom
  49. Need help with cycling shoe building/altering
  50. Wheelchair Connected HandCycle
  51. Advice for Visual Impairment
  52. Bandit 2
  53. Walking quadriplegic, where to start with bike shopping
  54. 2015 S-Works Tarmac No Use of Left Hand
  55. osteoarthritis solutions?
  56. Cleat Stackers/shims
  57. A friend is looking for a handcycle--need suggestions
  58. handcycles versus wheelchairs, pros and cons for racers
  59. need help with headrest for recumbent - have fused C spine
  60. Which wheel do I need the electric motor on?
  61. Pedal Help For A BK Amp
  62. Road bike shifter mod for rider with diminished use of the left hand
  63. Brakes without stong grasp
  64. Single handed operation of both brakes Primo Pervert or replacement
  65. Cane Holder
  66. Have Scoliosis saddle suggestions. plus how can I fix my brake?
  67. Decreasing wind noise
  68. help with bike modifications
  69. adaptive components and parts for builders
  70. Wooden Handcycle
  71. Recommendation requested on bike for 80 year old woman-recovering from broken hip
  72. Diet, and your socket (amps)
  73. Need help choosing a bike, please!
  74. Hydraulic disc brakes with one hand (all I've ever had!)
  75. BK's, what are you doing with your tights?
  76. Honor Ride Las Vegas 11/9/2013 (adaptive cycling)
  77. Balance and weight issues
  78. Clip-On For Wheelchair
  79. One legged cyclist needs help!!
  80. Hate flats? Have trouble changing them? Watch this!
  81. Resource for buying your own socks and liners?
  82. Another hand cycler...
  83. A One Handed Wonder
  84. Trying a biking prosthesis
  85. Adaptive Cycling Fair / Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention
  86. A fantastic story
  87. Yeast
  88. My daughter's roommate had a stroke. Need some suggestions
  89. Freedom Ryder
  90. Adaptive bike I just rehabbed for a local charity
  91. Tricycle or Adult Stabilizer Wheels for Neuropathy?
  92. fracturing carbon fiber Feet
  93. 6cm leg difference & clipless pedals
  94. Handcycle Hubs Needed
  95. difficulties with handcycles?
  96. Rear mech identification!
  97. Lumbar disc herniations, any experiences, recommendations?
  98. A broken hip
  99. Tandem seat project
  100. Looking for a verticaly mountable hydraulic brake lever