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  10. Help identiying this bike's brand, model, & manufacturer
  11. Should I switch to wider tires?
  12. Squeaky seat
  13. Schwinn Corvette 3 spd hub w/derailleur
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  15. I couldn't resist.
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  18. Cruiser questions...
  19. Electra 7D Tall
  20. Spring fork steering tube measurements
  21. Fred 'Radials'
  22. Mullet's GT Cruiser Build
  23. whos white schwinn ?
  24. Garaged JC Higgins cruisers
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  26. Granny gear on a 3 speed Beach Bike
  27. Peterboro front basket installation question
  28. My desert bike for when I'm in Saudi Arabia
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  30. First bike in 16 years help me choose (I am heavy)
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  35. Brake reach measuring? Am I doing this right?
  36. What do I need to Add Front Brakes To Beach Cruiser Bike
  37. Townie EQ worth the $100 upgrade?
  38. Can I safely drill this rim from Presta to Shraeder?
  39. Junk it or keep it?
  40. My beach cruiser bicycle chain keeps falling off.
  41. kent high tide handle bar problem
  42. I'm looking for a tall, lightweight, step-thru cruiser.
  43. Converting F5 Cannondale to Beach Cruiser
  44. Order from Huffy's Store
  45. Converting a single to a three speed
  46. Newbie needs y'all help.
  47. Anyone adapt a modern drum/band/roller brake to a cruiser frame?
  48. Whitewall tires for sidewall Dynamo?
  49. First time bike rider. 450lb :(
  50. Recommendation for 3-Speed Woman's Aluminum Frame 26" Cruiser
  51. unknown Year please help Columbia Speedliner and Sears Midweight
  52. Any info on this cruiser?
  53. The Free Beach Cruiser Project
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  56. Any Dyno owners here?
  57. New Firmstrong Urban Cruiser
  58. Wheel help please.
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  60. Abused Huffy and Paddle Board Trailer
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  62. Bike shop ?????
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  64. 3 speed ladies beach cruiser without coaster brakes.
  65. Fender set for fat tire cruiser
  66. First Post
  67. Wheel size 700c same as a 29er?
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  69. Novelty cruiser @ walmart?
  70. Fito beach cruiser
  71. Thoughts on upgrades?
  72. Looking for upgrades.
  73. Centrix beach cruiser info please
  74. 1949 (?) Airman
  75. What category does this bike fit in? Cruiser, Klunker, Bomber?
  76. Cottered crank clearance issues
  77. Looking for a frame bag
  78. Some questions
  79. Mango Longboard FT3 Review
  80. help what is it
  81. Cruisers with Nexus 7/8 and handbrakes only
  82. Searching for beachcruiser
  83. help identify
  84. Fattest 29" balloon tires?
  85. Need Advise - Which bike would be good for Adventure Sports !
  86. What is it?
  87. Big problem w/ brand new Kent 29" Hightide crusier
  88. do you wear padded cycling shorts?
  89. Need 26" wheel recommendation
  90. Newb needs help with tires
  91. Mullet's Huffy Custom Cruiser Build
  92. what are some of the highest quality cruisers?
  93. Rare Carhartt Felt Beach Cruiser
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  95. "Real World" 7-Speed Gearing?
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  98. Looking for a cool-looking rear rack...
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