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  1. used to old road bike sizing, but want a new frame
  2. road vs mountain sizing
  3. Co-op Cycles, 1.1 or 3.1
  4. Thoughts from Newb
  5. Moving Saddle Farther Forward
  6. Is it cool to purchase a used leather saddle?
  7. Beginner looking to transition away from mountain biking
  8. Crank arm length
  9. Women bicycle for the very short petite help.
  10. Another rate my form thread
  11. Bike Fit for uneven length limbs
  12. Frame size for a disproportionate body
  13. Lower back pain on crossbike..too big? For sale?
  14. Need assistance with bike fitting, injuries etc.
  15. Trying to piece a bike together.
  16. How different is the fit between a typical endurance road fit vs. adding aero bars?
  17. Help with fitting please
  18. Back pain after riding
  19. Are my feet too far back on the pedals?
  20. Tire Pressure Question for heavy rider
  21. If shortening stem by 10-20mm....
  22. Butt hits saddle
  23. Bike Fit Feedback
  24. Going from a Soma Double Cross DC to a Mercier Nano
  25. Is my bike too big?
  26. Beginner, feels like I am sliding forward
  27. Shimming flat peddals?
  28. Transferring measurments
  29. Newbie - need help sizing Raleigh Merit 2
  30. I feel fine, but I don't look fine (on the saddle)
  31. Knee hits tube
  32. Fitting suggestions & is a session worth the $$?
  33. Speedplay base plate extender: when cleats moved toward heel,what other fit changes?
  34. What size would you choose for a guy this tall?
  35. Saddle too far fore?
  36. Elbow Pain
  37. Broken arms
  38. M or L Stumpjumper FSR 29 for 5 10?
  39. Goniometer?
  40. Help: Sizing Issues?
  41. Lower back pain/too streched-out?
  42. Corefit Custom Moldable Orthotics for cycling shoes?
  43. Sliding off the side of my saddle... huh?
  44. Crank arm length - achilles tendinitis fixed, but now starting to get some knee pain
  45. Flaring hip?
  46. Basic Geometry Question
  47. Custom is the only way to go
  48. Swollen Left Knee
  49. Giant Propel sizing question
  50. How much handling changes with different fork?
  51. Short stem on large frame
  52. How many saddles did it take you to find "the one"?
  53. Different leg lengths: uncomfortable with cleats?
  54. Is my saddle the issue?
  55. Finding a bike for a 6 foot 6 in new rider
  56. Should your leg be slightly bent or completely straight?
  57. upgrading cockpit for reach fit qestions
  58. Bumping a size?
  59. stem length
  60. Giant Defy 1 sizing - 5'7-7.5 - 31 inseam
  61. My First Fit Experience
  62. Bike fitting a trail mtb, seat height?
  63. back pain for 6'2 - 6'3 rider
  64. Fit Help Needed (Pic Included)
  65. Now I'm going to have to relearn dismounting
  66. Are you very long waisted like me? What size bike works for you?
  67. First road bike sizing
  68. hip pain
  69. Mixed messages regarding bike fit
  70. elbows and knees in full tuck position?
  71. Bike fits
  72. Handlebar question
  73. First pass at fit for Christmas gift
  74. Geometry Comparison - Lapierre Pulsium 500 vs Fuji Tread 1.7
  75. Selecting the correct bike according to geometry
  76. Problem with knee to pedal
  77. Kurk Kinetic Road Machine Advice - ???
  78. New (NOS) Giant Defy Advanced Fit Question
  79. NeilPryde NAZARE 2016 sizing chart
  80. Saddle Fitting: What to look for?
  81. Bike fit for Raleigh Merit 3
  82. Mid-sole cleat position: affordable road shoes that allow it?
  83. Tall AF 6'5 Seeking Help
  84. Should I be concerned about having an skewer of lower quality?
  85. 43cm seat tube and 5'5 height, frame size too small?
  86. Frame too small, Torso Angle?
  87. I dish advice occasionally - so now critique me
  88. Saddle height adjustment?
  89. old vs new
  90. GURU fit system
  91. Should relative saddle/bottom bracker position be the same on all my bikes?
  92. Let's talk hip position and posture.
  93. Pedals Ergon PC2-L
  94. Should I have bought a bigger size frame?
  95. Online fit calculator vs paid fit
  96. Handle bar tilt - How much is too much?
  97. Fitter recommends 46 cm bar, can I get away with 44?
  98. Perineal pain despite trying different saddles
  99. Looks like bike is small, thoughts?
  100. Tightness in shoulders on road bikes