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  1. Is my frame too big for me? What to do?
  2. Upright-ish position without the pedals so far forward?
  3. Need Help with MERIDA Reacto 5000
  4. Northroad bars on a track/Fixed gear
  5. Bike geometry chart
  6. 54 vs 52 help
  7. What do you think
  8. Bike fit for neck issues
  9. Bike sizing using Lemons Method
  10. Vintage Handlebars
  11. Saddle Sizing: Specialized Body Geometry
  12. Competitive Cyclist fit calculator observation
  13. Help: proper shoe fit
  14. Comfortable Bike, Yet Good Performance?
  15. A question on stem length
  16. Interesting or unusual geometry on this bike brand?
  17. Wondering how sizing changes across different categories of frames
  18. Saddle angle?
  19. Surly cross check: shifting COG forward?
  20. Sizing for a Steel bike.
  21. Minimal bar clearance Trek 520. Solutions?
  22. Flat bar fit to drop bar fit
  23. Anyone riding a frame smaller than "recommended" for them?
  24. Leg length descrepency and crank arm length
  25. Saddle Height question
  26. Back OR knee pain, can't fix both
  27. Serious Problem I can't reach my brake levers!!!
  28. Brake Lever Angle
  29. How does my road fit look?
  30. 700c Bike Sizing
  31. Taller stem? (seat at lowest point and still hand pressure)
  32. saddle fore aft position
  33. mountain bike size.
  34. road and mountain bike fit
  35. Bike Size Confusion
  36. Dissapointed in several LBO's defination of Basic Bike Fit
  37. need bike guru advice on frame geometries
  38. Sizing
  39. Scott Addict - Frame Size
  40. Short reach/low bar . . . or high bar/long reach?
  41. Quill Stem Riser
  42. Replacement for Nashbar TFX Saddle
  43. crank arm length
  44. Is my handle bar too far forward?
  45. Bike fitters in Portland, OR
  46. Fantastic bike fitting get experience - something unexpected
  47. Frame sizing based on wearing eyeglasses.
  48. knee pain from clipless pedals - how to adjust cleats?
  49. caad10 upright position fit
  50. Complete amateur here !! Advice please :D
  51. bike size.
  52. Upper body motion when pedaling?
  53. All bike shops set my seat height too low.
  54. Got My 140 mm Stem
  55. seeking posture and fit advice - video review
  56. What are the important numbers in bike geometry
  57. Seat Height / Leg Angle
  58. Road pedals & cleats - upper calf pain - adjusting cleats?
  59. Sizing a used hybrid bike – How to determine if it fits or not
  60. Lower back pain
  61. 47 cm or 54 cm Binachi Torino?
  62. How to stop sliding forward on the saddle
  63. Critique my fit and help me fix my neck pain! (with video)
  64. Saddle height change after replacing Shimano M520 pedal with SR100 quills?
  65. Raising the Handlebars...
  66. What happened to the link???
  67. Phyiological and Mechanical Function of Saddle Nose Length
  68. Handlebar drop variances between bikes I ride
  69. Advice for a CF frame?
  70. Bullhorn handlebars for my 1980 Schwinn Mesa Runner?
  71. Advice sought on matching myself to the correct sized frame.
  72. Non-threaded headsets for a steel framed MTB
  73. 90's vs modern frame geometry
  74. Specialized Tricross Sport Disc Owners...
  75. Recommend bike fitter in NE Ohio
  76. Saddle height: difference between road bike and hybrid ?
  77. Crank Lenght
  78. any fitters in Vancouver BC??
  79. My First Bike: Eddy, Competitive, or French fit? Fit Help!
  80. Mixte sizing for my wife
  81. At what point is a stem too short to where it affects handling?
  82. Switching Frame
  83. Had to share this t-shirt!
  84. Road bike - Crank arm length
  85. Trying a different fitter..experiences
  86. How to get the right handlebars
  87. calling out handlebar gurus
  88. Reach Comparison
  89. Ladies (or those with experience fitting them) please chime in re: saddles
  90. What's in a few millimetres?
  91. Are bike shops putting me on the wrong size bike?
  92. Help with fitting a Soma Doublecross disc
  93. Can I trust Bike Direct's sizing guide
  94. Does the bike geometry match mine?
  95. Help with choosing a saddle
  96. Fit Effect on Hill etc...
  97. Specialized Saddles
  98. Did I make a mistake..?
  99. some fit help...stem to long maybe?
  100. adjusting SPD cleats