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  1. Issue with lower back pain
  2. Crank Size Question
  3. Where to get Fixie Inc coupling?
  4. What to adjust when dropping stem height?
  5. What is my size for a Ridley Noah Fast Ultegra ?
  6. Road bike, short legs, weird frame sizes
  7. Long legs and short torso - Any tips?
  8. Knees hitting ribs
  9. Bike Fit Help - Baker's Cyst problem
  10. Stem Rise
  11. Buying used Wilier - remotely
  12. Any opinions on this super-cheap saddle with great reviews on amazon?
  13. First-time road bike rider, need help with saddle fit.
  14. Stem to raise drop bars; recommendations?
  15. Old dog getting back into cycling. (Geometry question.)
  16. two bikes, two Q factors
  17. Upgrading group--change crank length?
  18. More stack better for tall riders?
  19. Aggressive ride postures & dick comfort
  20. Road bike size for short woman with long arms?
  21. Does this look like the right size frame??
  22. Seat height set well above average
  23. Best bike fitter in around NY
  24. Misc questions about comfort
  25. MTB sizing
  26. What does a "neutral back and shoulder" position mean to you?
  27. Really long stem?
  28. Will removing spacers add to presssure on soft tissues?
  29. Tell me how my fit looks.
  30. Saddle Width and "Support"
  31. Advice needed for Surly Disc Trucker Sizing
  32. Pressure on hands
  33. Leg length difference symptoms?
  34. Drop for women
  35. Zero offset seatpost --> longer stem?
  36. Stress and Numbness in Hands
  37. Saddle-to-bar drop and saddle choice
  38. Crank size
  39. Which geometry?
  40. imbalance between left and right foot.
  41. Ankle Rub/Pedal Dimensions
  42. Neck and upperback pain while riding
  43. Immediate sit bone pain
  44. Proper Fit Guidline for Newbie
  45. large cyclist: need advice on parts
  46. Question On New Frames And Correct Sizing
  47. RETUL bike fit system.
  48. Wow, what a difference
  49. 59cm too big for 5'9?
  50. short stem vs stem riser, or both?
  51. too much weight on arms?
  52. Crank length - does it have an effect when standing up and pedaling?
  53. slipping forwards
  54. Just got a basic fit and have slight pelvis pain
  55. How is my fit?
  56. Will I get used to a more agressive position?
  57. ETT vs Stack and Reach
  58. Cannondale "medium" actual size?
  59. Cervelo S5 Size - 51 or 54?
  60. Is this right?: Dawes: most riders 5'7" to 5'9" choose Medium/50c = standover 32"
  61. Sizing for unequal leg length?
  62. fitting suggestions for leg numbness
  63. A Question About Top Tube Clearance
  64. 2014 Cervelo P2 in 48cm or 51cm
  65. Does this sound right?
  66. HELP: Pain in my junk
  67. Please help my wheel/tire sizing
  68. What size frame for 5'7" woman?
  69. Proper flatbar ergonomic grip wrist position
  70. My most comfortable bike is between two sizes of a frame I'm looking at...
  71. Pedal spindle spacer
  72. Is this frame too small for me?
  73. Finding suitable TT length
  74. Handlebar angle
  75. Road Bike Sizing
  76. Bike fit before or after I build the bike?
  77. Fit question comparing two bikes of different sizes.
  78. Check my sizing (road bike)
  79. Advice on dropbar width.
  80. Why don't frame sizes (seat tube length) use "effective" sizing?
  81. Location of Brake levers, not comfy
  82. BikesDirect Gravity Liberty frame size for 6.0 feet
  83. Please help: Similar sized bikes: one good, one back pain
  84. LFS having sale, shopping for first Roadbike
  85. Is my frame too big for me? What to do?
  86. Upright-ish position without the pedals so far forward?
  87. Need Help with MERIDA Reacto 5000
  88. Northroad bars on a track/Fixed gear
  89. Bike geometry chart
  90. 54 vs 52 help
  91. What do you think
  92. Bike fit for neck issues
  93. Bike sizing using Lemons Method
  94. Vintage Handlebars
  95. Saddle Sizing: Specialized Body Geometry
  96. Competitive Cyclist fit calculator observation
  97. Help: proper shoe fit
  98. Comfortable Bike, Yet Good Performance?
  99. A question on stem length
  100. Interesting or unusual geometry on this bike brand?