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  1. Pressure on outside of foot causing numbness
  2. A "One leg falling asleep thread" -- ideas for exercises?
  3. First Road Bike Frame Size Problem
  4. What adjustment
  5. Leg/Knee Discomfort But Only When Inside On The Rollers?
  6. KOP vs. Hands-off test
  7. Test rode a new Trek Domane 5.2 and a few others???
  8. Does this bike look too small?
  9. Cleat Replacement - wedge and stack question.
  10. Dumb geometry questions
  11. Frame size seems correct, but saddle height is too high for my inseam?
  12. Saddle fit/position?
  13. Slowtwitch fit formulas . . .
  14. Quantifying Fit
  15. Anyone try this:Satori Turn up Adjust Handlebar Stem Riser
  16. Help Choosing the Right Frame Size
  17. Road Bike : Change of Cassette Question
  18. Merida Scultura XL for 192cm height rider
  19. Pulled the trigger
  20. Ways to reduce strain/use of VMO?
  21. 29er — Framesize - 26 er
  22. Pain Below Scrotum
  23. Used bike. Is it worth a trip to look at for my size?
  24. Wedges work
  25. Did a retul fit - need frame ideas
  26. Top tube height
  27. Cleat adjustment guide
  28. Fitting Calculators
  29. Changing Crankset
  30. Frame size and knee pain
  31. Saddle setback and cleat position
  32. Saddle measurement numbers - help needed
  33. frame size.
  34. Saddle To Bar Drop And Flatness Of Back
  35. Looking at buying second hand bike without trying first.
  36. Anybody had the Guru Fitting and then need to have it tweaked afterwards?
  37. Saddle angle down = Raise seat height?
  38. Vintage Pinarello Treviso Road Bike - Right frame size, please HELP!
  39. Good deal for FitBit buyers
  40. Dengfu 2016 Range : R01 vs R02 vs FM066 + Sizing
  41. Help comaring bike geometries
  42. leg "falling asleep"
  43. Difgferent length cranks?
  44. Upright Riding Position
  45. saddle setback
  46. Top Tube Length or Reach?
  47. Formal bike fit using a trainer. Any good?
  48. Saddles! Saddles!
  49. I think my bike is too small
  50. HMMM.... Can I Get Away With An Extra 2 cm??
  51. what is the relationship between frame geometry, speed and comfort?
  52. Changing a stem on endurance bike
  53. Saddle type <----> body flexibility
  54. Sometimes the fitting is better than you think: A delayed fit story?
  55. Help please with track bike fit
  56. Cannondale F-Si / 5' 8" rider... Small or Medium?
  57. Would a frame size difference of 2cm make any difference
  58. Sore front delts/upper arms and middle back
  59. From 100 to 90 ATS Stem System - Aurora Elite
  60. Need a more relaxed fit Is 56 too big for me??
  61. knees/elbows
  62. new to cycling and trying to find a decent bike
  63. 5ft8 on size 56
  64. Can A 16" Wheel Folder Fit Like A Roadbike?
  65. Fitting resources
  66. BB drop and seat tube
  67. Monitoring MUSCLES contraction to enhance your BIKE FIT SESSION
  68. Bike Fit - Frame Size and Total Reach
  69. right foot extremely supination
  70. More float = VMO pain??
  71. Maybe need to lengthen one leg!
  72. Giant Defy Advanced 3 - feels too small - can I extend the stem?
  73. What is causing knee pain?
  74. Saddle: Where exactly should you sit?
  75. Sightline to front axle...
  76. Trying to get two bicycles to fit the same way
  77. Sore Lower Back
  78. Correct Seat Position?
  79. Need Help with New crankset
  80. How different will this frame fit?
  81. Rest my inside palm knuckles on the the top drop bar
  82. Seat fore/aft- do I have this right?
  83. 56cm road bike.
  84. SoCal Fitters: Ron Peterson, Nate Loyal or......?
  85. Question about measurements, setback, and frame angles to get 4 bikes feeling similar
  86. Using Rivendale's Seat Height (SH) measurements in bike fitting
  87. one more try
  88. Which size cross check best matches my current commuter? (With numbers.)
  89. Fit problem : Pressure on hands
  90. Which way to go if you are in between two sizes?
  91. What range of frame size do folks generally fit?
  92. 160 Crank?
  93. Help: Cervelo P3 is this sizing correct?
  94. Shopping for a possible new bike
  95. saddle width road vs mtb
  96. Soma Double Cross sizing conundrum is giving me a headache
  97. Are these handlebars tilted too high?
  98. Pain in hands after 15+ miles, do gloves make a difference?
  99. What seat tube angle?
  100. New brake bads