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  1. Me: 192cm, inside leg 89cm, is 59cm too short a frame??, also: Via Nirone or Impulso?
  2. 152mm cranks?
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  9. Advise regarding issue with sensitive men part
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  11. Frame size tolerance
  12. Stem Rise
  13. Girl's bike vs. ladies' bike
  14. Seat too narrow? Measuring sit bone width...
  15. Buying a Trek Domane... 56 or 58 cm?
  16. What size frame should I get?
  17. Need help in fitting a road bike
  18. How to determine how geometry changes the feel on a hybrid bike
  19. Need help analyzing my road bike posture (pic included)
  20. New clipless pedals, knee pain
  21. shorter cranks?
  22. Will a short stem ruin bike handling?
  23. Drop bar adjustment, brake hood placement?
  24. Please help me with fit (video included)
  25. Sleepy junk
  27. Kienbock's disease and bicycle setup
  28. "Analytic Cycling" Site
  29. Side wedges on shoes: which side is more commonly wedged up?
  30. Saddle Height For Mashing Vs Spinning?
  31. Road vs. Mtn fitting
  32. Fitting a new bike- Euro style!
  33. Guess Low or High for Used Bike
  34. How exactly does one read these dimensions?
  35. Saddle Height - Use the Holmes method (25-degrees) can still can stand on one toe?
  36. Comfort VS potential knee injuries....... Saddle height question.
  37. Which bike computer for under $60 including shipping)
  38. "Eddy Fit" for touring bike?
  39. My Proportions Dont Match the Bikes I Find Comfortable
  40. What do you guys think about my saddle height? (pics).
  41. Saddle Height - Dummy Question
  42. If it fits, it fits, right?
  43. Possible to make it fit?
  44. Do i need to be more upright or stretched out? (pics)
  45. Seat adjustment solved perineal pain, but now. . .
  46. Comfortable woman's bike for Christmas present
  47. Dealer won't commit to a fit
  48. soma grand rando and it's 650b wheels compared with 700c
  49. Fitting a new seat ( the one that came with the bike hurts me and causes numbness )
  50. Stem angle and bar height vs steering
  51. Starting the road cycle hunt...
  52. Will this road cycle frame fit me?
  53. Why do I lose so much power . . . ?
  54. Assess my bike fit for randonneuring (something's off, pictures inside)
  55. Riding on trainer - fits differently
  56. Fitting for cannondale Synaspe 5 Carbon
  57. Another neck/shoulder pain
  58. Off-set Seat Post
  59. Commuting fit
  60. What is the true size of this bike?
  61. Frame sizing help
  62. Track bike fit
  63. Will this fit calculator work good??
  64. Choosing a fitter
  65. Numb hand with gloves, shoulder pain without
  66. Fit Experts Please
  67. M or XL frame?
  68. What inseam does this bike require?
  69. Cube hybrid bike sizing
  70. fitting a hybrid issues
  71. Mysterious Left Knee Pain/Ache: Tried every adjustment I can think of
  72. Any information on this....
  73. Seeking Opinions on Cycling Medical Books For Fitting,
  74. Frame size HELP need IMMEDIATELY (LOOK FRAMESET, the French and their funky geo)
  75. What should the distance be between the top of saddle and the middle of handlebar
  76. Another fit question, or weirdness
  77. Serious question. Taint damage. What do? Tour soon.
  78. help me choose a frame style/size!
  79. Shoulder Pain
  80. One Sided Knee Pain on First Ride With New Saddle
  81. Retul Fit - before/after pics
  82. Fitting Confusion.
  83. Transfer Fit
  84. 26" vs 700c wheels on commuter or touring bike
  85. Quick fit check
  86. I've been told I fit a women's bike S, M, and now L...which is it?!
  87. What size frame for my 5'1" wife?
  88. Finding LBS bikes with comparable geometry to online only bikes (like BD)
  89. What lacquer coat use with Montana Hardcore?
  90. Drops vs Hoods fit
  91. Saddle angle measurement?
  92. Why do I have to keep changing my position?
  93. Calf ache one side??
  94. Frame for 5' 9.75"
  95. Bike fit 'shift' ?
  96. Different length cranks - what criteria to justify a change? Does it help?
  97. Trek 520 or CoMotion
  98. Feeling cramped
  99. Bike Size Help: Used Competitive Cyclist
  100. Suspension Seatpost or Not