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  1. Fork Length relative to Head Tube and Seat Tube - need advice
  2. Saddle Comfort
  3. Neck pains and bike fit.
  4. MCL ligament pain
  5. Stem Calculator
  6. Surly Cross Check build
  7. Bad pain in my right shoulder...
  8. Hood position on bars
  9. Quest for flat back.... saddle height and crank length
  10. Started Riding, have pain in my butt.
  11. Have pain only on my right sit bone only. Need advice
  12. knee pain - what do i need to adjust? Right knee, inside, top.
  13. 49cm frame for a 5 foot 7" guy?
  14. Reach n' Saddle n' Cleats
  15. Do you think this bike is small for my size?
  16. Is my touring bike badly fitted or just heavier than I'm used to?
  17. carbon fork w/zerts - or - hydraulic disc brakes - if you had to choose
  18. saddle height and knee soreness - need suggestions to get it right
  19. Road Bikes using Letter sizing.
  20. Sizing for me and partner, WOW at he list of posts for this type of question.
  21. Sore neck and/or neck pain after a long bike ride
  22. How can I do a self bike fit [for the handlebars]?
  23. Road disc wheel building help!
  24. seeking advice on custom footbeds
  25. Frame Size for the Wife
  26. Puzzled - if seats & handlbars can be adjusted - why does 1 brand fit but not another
  27. composite to tighten the seat post?
  28. 58" trek madone 5.2 too small?
  29. ultimate bike fitter for comfort and health!
  30. Need advice on saddle issue
  31. How big a difference do I need to worry about for stack and reach?
  32. Help outgrew my bike!
  33. FAT BIKE for 60 year Old..?
  34. 6' w/ 32" inseam: Can I ride a "medium" frame?
  35. Flat feets and inside knee pain with clipless
  36. expensive mistake in frame size; need advice
  37. Question About Leg Length
  38. I'm a new road biker: I really need your advice!
  39. Hybrid bikes with hand pain. **Pictures**
  40. I injured my knee, need bike fit adjustment help
  41. What is the ideal height position for brake hoods?
  42. Pain around knee cap with new bike - looking for alternatives for Cervelo R3/BMC
  43. What do you think of these dimensions?
  44. How important is frame size for beginners?
  45. Shoulder Pain Solution?
  46. Shoulder Pain Solution Sought
  47. What is a 'Level Saddle'
  48. Where to compromise? Standover height or weight balance?
  49. 5'9/5'8 (34" inseam manually measured so not really sure) and riding a fx 7.4 17.5"
  50. What size bike for a 5'10 woman with a 36'' inseam?
  51. Purchased Aero Bars, do I need to adjust bike bar height or seat?
  52. Salt Lake City Bike Fit Recommendations?
  53. Handle bar reference marks
  54. Is my road bike too big for me?
  55. When is a frame too big?
  56. Any old-school (2006) fitters here?
  57. Pain behind my knee
  58. why do i keep sliding foward of my saddle???
  59. Question: 105 STI lever positioning for anatomic drop bar with downward-sloped ramps
  60. 50cm vintage frame for 1m75
  61. Is this saddle adjustment safe? (photo)
  62. Surly Frame Switch - Need Help
  63. A Spinal Posture Question
  64. Learned a lot the hard way!
  65. Stem length for a more aero position
  66. Can't afford a fitting...what can I do?
  67. Reach adjustment
  68. Sore left shoulder after 20 miles
  69. Adjustments To Riding Position
  70. Knee pain
  71. Concerning Stand-over Height: Take Caution when ordering bikes online!
  72. Positioning and muscle strain
  73. I'm in between bike sizes
  74. Aero bar fit basics - how do I?
  75. Bike frame size to protect tendonitis wrists
  76. Frame size or New Stem question!
  77. Suddenly getting backpain
  78. Saddle fitting?
  79. Can't select outer and inner most gears
  80. Help with C-C sizing
  81. would a change of handlebars or stem do?
  82. Knee problems & seat height.
  83. Stem length and butterfly handlebars
  84. Hip flexor pain and saddle height?
  85. Cleat stackers/shims
  86. Rule of arm, so to speak
  87. That millimetre thing on saddles
  88. Seat height calculators and my new Brooks saddle.
  89. Is this too much bike?
  90. Woman's bike shorts
  91. Okay to ride a frame a size or two small?
  92. Old bikes fit vs new bikes (any difference?)
  93. Brooks Mens vs Womens (S) Fit
  94. Buying new frame and want to get more stretched out
  95. ergonomic handlebars for touring bike
  96. How tall are you and what size frames do you ride?
  97. Xootr Swift Folding Bike
  98. Stem too long..
  99. Fuji Touring sizing guide from the experienced?
  100. Is a professional bike fit really necessary?