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  1. Now I'm going to have to relearn dismounting
  2. Are you very long waisted like me? What size bike works for you?
  3. First road bike sizing
  4. hip pain
  5. Mixed messages regarding bike fit
  6. elbows and knees in full tuck position?
  7. Bike fits
  8. Handlebar question
  9. First pass at fit for Christmas gift
  10. Geometry Comparison - Lapierre Pulsium 500 vs Fuji Tread 1.7
  11. Selecting the correct bike according to geometry
  12. Problem with knee to pedal
  13. Kurk Kinetic Road Machine Advice - ???
  14. New (NOS) Giant Defy Advanced Fit Question
  15. NeilPryde NAZARE 2016 sizing chart
  16. Saddle Fitting: What to look for?
  17. Bike fit for Raleigh Merit 3
  18. Mid-sole cleat position: affordable road shoes that allow it?
  19. Tall AF 6'5 Seeking Help
  20. Should I be concerned about having an skewer of lower quality?
  21. 43cm seat tube and 5'5 height, frame size too small?
  22. Frame too small, Torso Angle?
  23. I dish advice occasionally - so now critique me
  24. Saddle height adjustment?
  25. old vs new
  26. GURU fit system
  27. Should relative saddle/bottom bracker position be the same on all my bikes?
  28. Let's talk hip position and posture.
  29. Pedals Ergon PC2-L
  30. Should I have bought a bigger size frame?
  31. Online fit calculator vs paid fit
  32. Handle bar tilt - How much is too much?
  33. Fitter recommends 46 cm bar, can I get away with 44?
  34. Perineal pain despite trying different saddles
  35. Looks like bike is small, thoughts?
  36. Tightness in shoulders on road bikes
  37. to K2 or not to K2 (red zone)
  38. B17 saddle question
  39. brand new to the sport
  40. Help!✌🏼️💦❤️ What size tires should I get?
  41. Uncomfortable road bike brake levers
  42. Another thread about crank length (as it applies to different events)
  43. WEIRD "hands-off" experiment results
  44. Sizing up my stem
  45. Any of you totally recovered from or avoided cyclist's syndrome?
  46. seat/saddle design for obese people
  47. Saddle size Inform RXL
  48. Please Help. Compact Framesets Why Do You Mock Me
  49. Numb Hands On One Bike, Not On The Other...
  50. Pain & Some Permanent Numbness - Help!
  51. Trek Emonda SL 6 - 2016 - Sizing chart
  52. Upper shoulder, side of neck pain -advice please!
  53. Saddle setback pic
  54. Trying to choose between a Cambium C17 or C19
  55. Does this frame fit me? (pics inside)
  56. bike fit opinions wanted (video included)
  57. Did the manufacturer install the brake with correct angle?
  58. looking for old geometry charts for felt
  59. Crank arm length and bike fit and pedal profile
  60. Dull pain in upper back
  61. Need Some help with sizing... Please
  62. 1" (3 cm) Leg Length Discrepancy
  63. Crank length: 165 or 170mm?
  64. Changed cranks now numb hands
  65. Saddle Movement
  66. Professional fitting... worth it?
  67. Help finding bikes
  68. take out a spacer or longer stem
  69. Specific rear rim needs.
  70. Specific rear rim needs.
  71. Trek verve 3 comfort/hybrid
  72. Bike fit 29+
  73. Front fork replacement - size?
  74. Giant TCR Frame help ;-(
  75. Looking at a Peugeot Cadre Allegre and am confused about the sizing.
  76. Standing up on a trainer
  77. feel different on and off trainer?
  78. Confused about how to measure bike size?
  79. Tippy Toes
  80. Looking for help choosing right size Surly LHT
  81. Bike fit for a newbie
  82. Newbie, looking for info on 1st bike
  83. Two sizes of LHT seem the same
  84. What are the frame dimensions of this bicycle?
  85. Methods to figure out saddle to handle bar distance / Reach
  86. Bike fit for extreme hillclimb
  87. Can a short person ride a bike with horizontal top tube?
  88. Different crank lengths on my two bikes - is it a problem?
  89. Total Newbie. Help with bike height.
  90. Trekking bars "upside down"
  91. Bottecchia Seatpost
  92. Changing Stem Length to Improve Comfort?
  93. Checking to see if my Basket is good with my Back Rack before I buy it
  94. I feel like I need to "scoot" the seat back.....
  95. Calling Fit Experts: Help In A Sizing Situation
  96. Sizing for trek emonda alr 5?
  97. Canyon Stand-over height
  98. Setback
  99. Help with fit? Is this bike too small? (pics inside)
  100. Right pinky toe hotspot/numbness - losing hope :'(