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  1. What should I change?
  2. Do you have an infinite 53 or 50cm
  3. Back and right elbow is stiff
  4. Back and right elbow are stiff
  5. Crank Length to relieve sore knee
  6. bike position too agressive and twitchy
  7. Toe-to-foot angle
  8. Do I need to change the stem?
  9. Bike Fit Question
  10. Comparing Geometries
  11. Will I notice these handlebar/saddle changes?
  12. post knee replacement fitting tips?
  13. Hands go to sleep on the hoods?
  14. What measured bike is for me?
  15. Can you tell a bike size by the space between the top tube and down tube
  16. Best bike fitter in Northern NJ?
  17. Will My Fit Be More Upright After Injury?
  18. competitive cyclist provides stack,reach,STA
  19. Possible frame upgrade
  20. Trying figure out if this bike will fit me.
  21. flat bars for cyclocross bike from manufacturer
  22. L5 - S1 Fusion Surgery - What bike to Choose
  23. Raising handlebar height. Short steerer problem.
  24. Size too big?
  25. Too much weight on my arms
  26. Bicycle fit question
  27. Pedal (width) extenders for IT band pain?
  28. Bike frame sizing and fit
  29. Frame size that "should" be too small for my height....but feels "mostly" right
  30. Crank length, outsize the norm
  31. Bad pain between my shoulder blades
  32. crank arm length differential
  33. Shoulder pain
  34. Fit and Foot Pain
  35. Buyer's remorse / fit issue
  36. Looking for a new bike fitter in NE Ohio.
  37. Stack and reach
  38. Cycling at 70 with a old back and a new bike
  39. Angle of Knee with fitting
  40. Cannondale S,M etc.
  41. Hand pain
  42. Advise please
  43. Long legs, short torso - Go go gadget legs
  44. seat position problem
  45. Guru fit worth $350?
  46. Anyone know the stack for motobecane century ti 56 or 58 cm?
  47. geometry of motobecane century Ti
  48. Fitting Bianchi
  49. Could I fit a 58.2cm Specialized Roubaix
  50. MtbVfr: Bike Fit / Stem Length, Saddle Position, Handlebar Height
  51. Toe Touches Front Tire -- why?
  52. Right Knee pain
  53. Help
  54. Will this bike fit me?
  55. Pain - might be fit. Suspect cleat position.
  56. Critique my bike position please!
  57. Specialized Footbeds question
  58. how to adjust saddle when going to mid-foot cleat AND shorter cranks?
  59. Handlebars for my wrists
  60. 49 cm for 5'7"
  61. Help me make this bike work
  62. Comparative study on the Reach on 2 sizes of Merida Bike
  63. To upgrade or not to upgrade based on bike fit
  64. Stated bike geometry that does not make sense
  65. New bike -- nothing pre tuned?
  66. Brooks saddle advice
  67. DB spoke twisting
  68. Would like advice for Jamis Nemesis 650b frame size
  69. Is my seat post adjustment safe?
  70. Cannondale Sizing?
  71. Road bike dancing- please help
  72. Fantom Cross - In between sizes
  73. Brooks Flyer versus Brooks B17
  74. Time trialing without aerobars?
  75. All-City Space Horse: What size are you riding? 5'7"
  76. Candidate for drop bar MTB... sizing help?
  77. Crank arm length for 28inch inseam?
  78. Stuck between two sizes
  79. used to old road bike sizing, but want a new frame
  80. road vs mountain sizing
  81. Co-op Cycles, 1.1 or 3.1
  82. Thoughts from Newb
  83. Moving Saddle Farther Forward
  84. Is it cool to purchase a used leather saddle?
  85. Beginner looking to transition away from mountain biking
  86. Crank arm length
  87. Women bicycle for the very short petite help.
  88. Another rate my form thread
  89. Bike Fit for uneven length limbs
  90. Frame size for a disproportionate body
  91. Lower back pain on crossbike..too big? For sale?
  92. Need assistance with bike fitting, injuries etc.
  93. Trying to piece a bike together.
  94. How different is the fit between a typical endurance road fit vs. adding aero bars?
  95. Help with fitting please
  96. Back pain after riding
  97. Are my feet too far back on the pedals?
  98. Tire Pressure Question for heavy rider
  99. If shortening stem by 10-20mm....
  100. Butt hits saddle