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  1. Femur length discrepancy
  2. Perinium pain!
  3. Struggling to fit myself for a frame - help requested
  4. Soma Double Cross Disc frame size
  5. Comfortable on slight uphill not so on flat or downhill
  6. bike for short women
  7. Small size step through frame, non-twist internal gear shifter
  8. Rivendell (Hilsen, Hillborne) vs. Gunnar Crosshairs vs. ???
  9. handlebar width and handling?
  10. long torso, short arms & legs
  11. Saddles that only contact the sit-bones.
  12. Toe clips that are too small?
  13. Saddles: size, shape, and saddle "geometry": a discussion
  14. Road bike fitting confusion
  15. Alignment Issues
  16. Fit check
  17. Bike is too small
  18. New to bikes
  19. Choosing between EU 47 and EU 48 Shoes?
  20. Bike Fit Riddle
  21. Bike fit at home
  22. front vs rear wheel loads.. Anyone pay attention to this?
  23. Crossbar up against your jewels?
  24. longer crank
  25. Why do I need the saddle tilted up?
  26. Felt F45 stand over height?
  27. Shift Lever reach question?
  28. Bike for tall person
  29. fitter
  30. Shoe Fit Problem
  31. considering an endurance frame - opinions?
  32. just got "refit"
  33. Proper pelvic tilt/ rotation, without crushing the junk.....
  34. At wits' end with feet falling asleep. Help?
  35. How does this look? Pic of fitment
  36. Bike Fit and searching for new Frame
  37. Removing spacers and power transfer
  38. Is my mountain bike too small?
  39. Which way do I need to move my cleats?
  40. 175 and 172.5 crank arms vs. training
  41. Any tall people riding Kona Sutras /Kona Roves?
  42. Grafting road bike fit to 26" MTB with drop bars?
  43. Pinarello Paris fitt 2nd opinion.
  44. Why All The "Sky Is Falling" and Double Think About Bike Frame Fitting
  45. Knee Height?
  46. Sorter Reach
  47. Recommendations for Bike Fit in NYC
  48. Old Frame vs New Frame
  49. The Berries Are a Little Uncomfortable
  50. I can't get my hands comfortable!
  51. Unsure about size - State Bicycle
  52. Removing spacers question
  53. Bike Fit Help - Too Stretched Out?
  54. What is my reference point (photo included)
  55. Groin Muscle Pain and Numb feeling after Fit
  56. Over-40 eyeglass wearers: Sport glasses / Progressives + Monovision, what combo?
  57. first road bike fit questions
  58. Saddle too low? bouncing during accelerations
  59. Is there a "tipping point" in upper body possition?
  60. My bike fit experience....from a rookie...
  61. Two little toes on each foot numb???
  62. Right bike for me????
  63. Why Do Some Frames Feel Like A Tiny Clown Bike?
  64. bike fit
  65. Which size for 177cm tall?
  66. Frame Size
  67. Bicycle Frame Shape for city use?
  68. Vaya Fit
  69. Foot angle question
  70. saddle set back really far= bike too small?
  71. gt transeo 2.0 comfort bike vs trek 8.5 ds
  72. Any road saddles out there that are WIDE??
  73. Any issue matching a bike fit to an existing bike...?
  74. Fit Question | Adjustments to my reach and bar drop
  75. Stuck in a rut because some of the sizing info i see is contradictory.
  76. KTM Revelator 2015 sizing help - 55 vs 57
  77. Balls issues in the drops.
  78. A little sore below butt bone while riding, even short distances
  79. measuring frame size
  80. Best road position: bent elbow? light hands?
  81. Larger frame size for more upright position - endurance bike?
  82. Cleat shims!
  83. Cervelo S2 sizing - in between 54 and 56, trying to reduce neck and upper back strain
  84. Soma Smothie bike build: Between sizes, help needed.
  85. Should I get a stem riser?
  86. Trekking bars vs bar ends
  87. TREK Emonda S5
  88. Bike Fast Fit app with videos
  89. Traps hurt = bad fit?
  90. Reach and knee discomfort
  91. Fitting for a 5'0" lady
  92. Issue with lower back pain
  93. Crank Size Question
  94. Where to get Fixie Inc coupling?
  95. What to adjust when dropping stem height?
  96. What is my size for a Ridley Noah Fast Ultegra ?
  97. Road bike, short legs, weird frame sizes
  98. Long legs and short torso - Any tips?
  99. Knees hitting ribs
  100. Bike Fit Help - Baker's Cyst problem