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  1. Severe shin pain after long ride
  2. Still having problems with noseless saddle
  3. First century and some pain
  4. The difference between fitting a bike and a bike that fits
  5. Correct Size For A Child
  6. Decision decision on what size frame to buy
  7. Domane Fit & Stem
  8. Horizontal top tube - which fit compromise would you rather make?
  9. 5'7"-5'8" 31.5" Inseam on 56cm road bike? No go?
  10. Any saddle recommendations?
  11. excessive hip movment
  12. Possible adjutsments for short top tube
  13. Adjusting reach on a Bridgestone 200
  14. bike fit and perfomance
  15. Worth replacing frame for larger size or better tweaking the set up?
  16. 6' - 56cm; anybody else?
  17. 6'5" Looking for a good sized hybrid
  18. Short Legs, Long Torso wanting long-distance comfort on Jamis Ventura Race
  19. Long Legs, Short Torso Advice (C'dale, Focus, Canyon)
  20. Pain on outside of one foot with new shoes/cleats
  21. Accomodating Lemond's Laidback Seat Tube
  22. Help Address Some Aches And Pains During Century On New Bike
  23. Deciphering bike fit terms
  24. where to go / what questions to ask to know you're in the right place?
  25. frame size
  26. How to choose a saddle?
  27. Frame size.
  28. ML at 5.7' (174cm)? Still ok?
  29. neck strain? New rider
  30. Cane Creek Thudbuster Setback
  31. chafing in shorts?
  32. Posterior chain engagement with platform pedals
  33. Cyclocross Bike Fit
  34. I need a LONG and strong seatpost
  35. Toe drop, heel drop, flat foot?
  36. Litmus test for bike fit
  37. caad10 vs colnago master sizing
  38. Hybrid frame size 17.5-18-19?
  39. Comfort of Shifters/Brifters
  40. Steerer tube too short?
  41. knee problem
  42. Fit help - 5'8" with 34" inseam - frame too big?
  43. Surly Disc Trucker vs Cross Check Geometry Help
  44. Help with frame sizing?
  45. Brooks B-17 with 7 degrees upward nose tilt OK?
  46. Romin Evo 155 taint pain
  47. My "ergo" bars are ready for the garbage . . .
  48. Where your sit bones actually go on the saddle
  49. Mail-order frame fit
  50. Fitting Issue
  51. Help fitting a new frame
  52. What type of saddle works well on a road bike with aero bars?
  53. How much weight SHOULD the hands bear?
  54. bike fit for dorsiflex feet
  55. Short inseam,problem with frame size,Competitive Cyclist calc
  56. fiting old bike
  57. Is a 22" frame ok for someone who is 6'7"?
  58. Geometry advice, please
  59. First Hybrid bike purchase in a long time - question on proper fit concerns
  60. Mens 53 vs WSD 54. How different can they be?
  61. My Turn For A Fit Issue - Looong Stem -> Numb Hands
  62. Swapping handlebars on 1997 Trek Multitrack 730 for Upright ride
  63. Hands are killing me...
  64. mild anterior tibialis pain: cleat position, cleat wedges, bad form, or?
  65. Are bike fitting services done by shops "accurate?"
  66. Choosing a quill stem length
  67. Cleats forward = win.
  68. Saddle question: pressure on root of "joystick".
  69. Right foot pronates to the outside on the downstroke?
  70. How do these geometry figures affect riding?
  71. Pain along outside of right foot.
  72. Should I start with a 52 Cross-bike and then find a bike-fit place?
  73. Bike too big?
  74. Femur length discrepancy
  75. Perinium pain!
  76. Struggling to fit myself for a frame - help requested
  77. Soma Double Cross Disc frame size
  78. Comfortable on slight uphill not so on flat or downhill
  79. bike for short women
  80. Small size step through frame, non-twist internal gear shifter
  81. Rivendell (Hilsen, Hillborne) vs. Gunnar Crosshairs vs. ???
  82. handlebar width and handling?
  83. long torso, short arms & legs
  84. Saddles that only contact the sit-bones.
  85. Toe clips that are too small?
  86. Saddles: size, shape, and saddle "geometry": a discussion
  87. Road bike fitting confusion
  88. Alignment Issues
  89. Fit check
  90. Bike is too small
  91. New to bikes
  92. Choosing between EU 47 and EU 48 Shoes?
  93. Bike Fit Riddle
  94. Bike fit at home
  95. front vs rear wheel loads.. Anyone pay attention to this?
  96. Crossbar up against your jewels?
  97. longer crank
  98. Why do I need the saddle tilted up?
  99. Felt F45 stand over height?
  100. Shift Lever reach question?