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  1. Bullhorn handlebars for my 1980 Schwinn Mesa Runner?
  2. Advice sought on matching myself to the correct sized frame.
  3. Non-threaded headsets for a steel framed MTB
  4. 90's vs modern frame geometry
  5. Specialized Tricross Sport Disc Owners...
  6. Recommend bike fitter in NE Ohio
  7. Saddle height: difference between road bike and hybrid ?
  8. Crank Lenght
  9. any fitters in Vancouver BC??
  10. My First Bike: Eddy, Competitive, or French fit? Fit Help!
  11. Mixte sizing for my wife
  12. At what point is a stem too short to where it affects handling?
  13. Switching Frame
  14. Had to share this t-shirt!
  15. Road bike - Crank arm length
  16. Trying a different fitter..experiences
  17. How to get the right handlebars
  18. calling out handlebar gurus
  19. Reach Comparison
  20. Ladies (or those with experience fitting them) please chime in re: saddles
  21. What's in a few millimetres?
  22. Are bike shops putting me on the wrong size bike?
  23. Help with fitting a Soma Doublecross disc
  24. Can I trust Bike Direct's sizing guide
  25. Does the bike geometry match mine?
  26. Help with choosing a saddle
  27. Fit Effect on Hill etc...
  28. Specialized Saddles
  29. Did I make a mistake..?
  30. some fit help...stem to long maybe?
  31. adjusting SPD cleats
  32. Fit on a LHT
  33. Bike fitter in DC area specializing in knee/pedaling analysis
  34. Croix de fer - frame size
  35. Endurance bike fit
  36. Adjustable Stem?
  37. Hot Spots in New Bibs
  38. Which fitting process is the most accurate (or correct)?
  39. Six Saddles, Six Stories
  40. Bike fit and weight distribution for long legs
  41. Help. I'm new.
  42. What Size Bike should i get? [please help]
  43. What size frame should I choose
  44. soreness behind left knee
  45. How do I fit? My thoughts..
  46. KOPS, and Other Body Metrics Are Just Guidelines
  47. Ideal Reach (Saddle To Bar) For Road Bike?
  48. Seat tube angle to center of bottom bracket distances for different leg lengths ?
  49. Saddle height and its relationship to ankle flex and foot position.
  50. Too Much Pressure On My Hands
  51. is my bike to small or fitted right
  52. tennis elbow aggrevating
  53. Left arm and hand
  54. Spec AWOL sizing - limited and odd options
  55. upper body fatigue
  56. Frame slope equals comfort?
  57. Toes pointing out - wider or narrower stance ?
  58. Getting back in to riding
  59. 5'-5" and back problems
  60. The truth about clearance between frame and crotch...?
  61. Hardtail frame size
  62. Was fitted, but still sore neck...
  63. measuring with shoes on?
  64. Pain In The Neck
  65. Saddle - Giant Flow 1 vs Contact
  66. Saddle to large?
  67. Where is the best value bike fit in the world?
  68. Outside of knee hurts
  69. Saddle at the end of the rail ok?
  70. Selle SMP TRK
  71. Saddle Pressure
  72. Bikes for tall people?
  73. Still Fighting Saddle Issues
  74. Would this bike fit me?
  75. Please help
  76. Does the Soma ES frame seem like a good fit?
  77. Straight vs. Setback Post
  78. Help Sizing a Colnago CLX
  79. best fitting on a road bike
  80. Benefits of increased reach ?
  81. Deda spada quill stem adapter
  82. Sizing a Kestrel Talon
  83. Fork Length relative to Head Tube and Seat Tube - need advice
  84. Saddle Comfort
  85. Neck pains and bike fit.
  86. MCL ligament pain
  87. Stem Calculator
  88. Surly Cross Check build
  89. Bad pain in my right shoulder...
  90. Hood position on bars
  91. Quest for flat back.... saddle height and crank length
  92. Started Riding, have pain in my butt.
  93. Have pain only on my right sit bone only. Need advice
  94. knee pain - what do i need to adjust? Right knee, inside, top.
  95. 49cm frame for a 5 foot 7" guy?
  96. Reach n' Saddle n' Cleats
  97. Do you think this bike is small for my size?
  98. Is my touring bike badly fitted or just heavier than I'm used to?
  99. carbon fork w/zerts - or - hydraulic disc brakes - if you had to choose
  100. saddle height and knee soreness - need suggestions to get it right