I'm taking Cultural Anthropology this semester and I need to set up a study. The point of the study is simply to assess diet across the US and other countries and if there is a cultural correlation to obesity levels (Which there is, of course from other studies). The goal is to do a comparative study and see if I either get a correlation or falsify the previous results.

Here's what I'll need.

A Food Journal as to types and amounts (Fats, Protein, carbs)
Calories in for the week
Calories out for the week
Weight, and BMI

For the purposes of the study, you'll be ID'd only by a number and the results are not going beyond me and my professor for classwork.

If you are interested, PM me. We'll do the data by email, if you don't already have my email address, I'll give it to you.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does participate.