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    Tokyo to Hakone - route, gearing choice, etc

    Hi all,

    Has anybody done any riding in the Hakone or Yamanaka area? I am going to do a ride from Machida to Hakone on my road bike. Here's my plan so far (just one leg of it, not complete yet):

    It is based on another user's map:

    Unfortunately I do not see a way to contact users on directly. I would love to ask the original route creator about how the hills and road conditions are around route 413, the number of rest stops, food and drink availability, etc. I have been as far as the Shiroyama area (located at mile #10 on my posted route) and it was urban all the way, not much slope. I think after that the road gets a bit windy and twisty, but I have not been up there so my only reference is Google Maps. Maybe some experienced folks can comment on riding in this area?

    On my route, the road from Machida to Yamanaka sees a 4951ft climb over 41.03 miles, which comes to 120 feet climbed per mile. If I know how to calculate grade correctly, that's 120/5280 * 100% = 2.27% average grade, right? It doesn't seem that severe, but I have very little hill climbing experience and I'm concerned that my current gearing is too tall: 52/39 double up front, 11-23 9-speed in the rear. I'm thinking of going to a 12-25 or 12-27 in the rear - does that seem like enough low-end gear to manage a steady climb?
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    Check out the tokyo cycling forums.

    They do loads of tours and organize group rides.

    they will be able to answer this question


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