Hi folks!

I'm leaving for Nanjing this Saturday, will be there for 3 weeks living and
studying Mandarin in Nanjing University. Can somebody please give me
some info on going around the city by bike. Or post a link, website. I've
come across this blog and it helped a bit. I tried Google but the results
are mostly about bike tour companies.



1 Is there a bike map available similar to the free one that New York City
provides in local bike stores.

2 What is the Chinese equivalent to Craigslist.org? In the New York
version, there are hundreds of used bikes and accessories for sale.
In the Nanjing site there is zero post.

3 Are there bike clubs that are not geared only to fast roadies, something
similar to the 5 Boro Bike Club here in NY?

I have a lot more questions but I'll just start with these for now.
Thanks for any info you folks can pass along.