As we enter the 2016 election cycle, I remind the membership that we keep the politics out of the main forums. We are not a political forum, we are a bicycling forum, so we do not get involved in political arguments, except in our Politics and Religion Forum. This is an invitation only forum and generally requires at least 30 days membership and a minimum of fifty posts to be granted access.

I will make exception to those rules if we move your thread to P&R and you're close to the minimums. To get access, you can email me or any of the Administrators for access to P&R. My email is tom(at)bikeforums(dot)net. My SIC is Siu Blue Wind, and she can also grant access, as can CbadRider. Siu can be reached by PM or her username at bikeforums dot ne and CbadRider by PM only.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this, and keep on riding!

Tom Stormcrowe
Senior Site Administrator