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    Newbe needs advice

    Hey everybody I want to buy a road bike for my wife . She is planning on riding it to work and back which is about 40 Klm a day, she also has planned to do a triathlon in April she has no real riding experience and nor have I . So...... how do I go about looking for a Bike that will best suit her and where we wont get riped off. the budget is about $500. can you get Good second hand Bikes out there for this ? Price or is it better to Buy new ? Anybodies help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John

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    The Bicycle Network Australia forums have a sticky for new buyers. Might be worth a read.

    For $500 new you are not going to get much beside a hybrid/mtb, neither which I would be keen on riding 40 km a day on, day after day.

    Maybe look second hand for a good flatbar or road bike.


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