I will be touring the South Island of New Zealand for 14 days starting Feb 13 2012 and would love to have some company if possible. I am planning to arrive at and depart out of Christchurch, with the tour plan being generally going across Arthur's Pass and then down the West Coast to Queenstown and then meandering back to Christchurch. The precise route remains flexible, as the situation demands.

I am a reasonably fit 47 year old, marketing professional working at a well-known software company. I have toured in several parts of the world before and while i like to camp, i am happy to duck into a motel if the weather is not particularly congenial. My general tour approach is to do about 70 miles a day, and not be in a tearing hurry to get to the next town. I do not cook, and instead rely on restaurants/cafes to provide the necessary sustenance.

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your time in reading this ad. Best to reach me at thinknotes <at> yahoo dot com.

Warm wishes