Cannondale Slice RS Competition Time Trial Bicycles, model year 2013 have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with the Cycling Sports Group due to an issue with they way the brake plates have been attached to the forks or rather not.

Product Safety Recalls Australia are advising that there is a risk that the Cannondale Slice RS Competition Time Trial Bicycle may have brakes that have not been attached to the forks correctly. They are advising that on some bicycles the adhesive used to attach the brake plates to the forks has been omitted. Where this has occurred the brake plates are only attached to the frame with a pair of rivets. If the bicycle has the defect it may cause a brake system failure. In the worst case scenario this may lead to a bicycle accident resulting in a serious injury or death.

For Australian consumers if you want further information on this recall please contact Cycling Sports Group, i.e., Cannondale. It appears at present that they don’t have a fix, going by the advisory from Product Recalls Australia which states that “Cycling Sports Group is just beginning the process of investigation, working with the vendor on a plan for rectification.”

Further details in my blog posting.