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woza1953 03-10-14 09:13 PM

Brisbane to Cairns
Hi there,

I am wondering has anyone out there done this trip by bike. I have a couple of months holiday over July and August. I am looking at a long bike ride camping along the way. Would appreciate any advice and tips. I am an Australian female, 60 years old, fit and adventurous.

I work overseas and will come over to renew my visa for the country I am working in and to have an outdoor adventure. I have also thought about selling stuff at the markets to finance my trip.

If anyone is interested in joining me I would welcome the company.


Machka 03-11-14 06:10 AM

I cycled much of it back in 2004.

That part of the story starts on November 24: Australian Adventure

You might also want to post this in Touring. There aren't a lot of people who live or cycle in Australia there (just a small handful of us) but some others may have done all or part of it more recently.

I'd love to do all or part of it again, but I (we) just don't have the time this year.

woza1953 03-18-14 05:44 PM

Hi Macha,

Thanks for your reply, I thought I had replied earlier but it may have not got through. My friend has offered to go with me, she doesn't cycle and will go by car and meet me up ahead at spots along the way.

I would love her company but a support vehicle would take the adventure and fun out of it and I would feel under pressure to be somewhere at a certain time but would enjoy her company.

Thanks again
Woza 1953

orozzie 03-28-14 06:13 PM

Hi Woza
My husband and I are new to bike touring, and planning to do this very trip. We are on the sunshine coast right now, have just sold our home (catamaran) we move off this week and will start training. We have our bikes and most of our gear. I think we might be leaving before you plan to but I wanted to write to you anyway and touch base. Maybe we can keep in touch and I can pass on any info to you.

My husband is 64 and I am 47 so we will be going slow... you might even see us along the way.
Kind regards

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