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    Stripped SPD pedal tension screw

    I guess I stripped the allen head of the screw used in the M520 pedal that is used to adjust the pedal tension.

    Can this screw be replaced? It does't look like a normal screw as it has a tapered end. Also if removed, can a new one be put back in due to spring tensions and alignments? I guess I check if LBS can get the screw.

    ps - I should know better than to strip a screw head, but it was worn, the wrench I was using may have been a bit old (time to get new one) and I was not being as careful as I should have.


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    I'm not familiar with that exact pedal, but depending on exactly how important the taper is you may be able to find a substitute. Since that is a pretty common pedal you might find a freindly shop with a junk box containing a pedal that you can cannabalize. Otherwise, if you are desparate, you might take the screw into a large hardware store (e.g. Sears hardware) that has a selection of metric screws. See which nut fits on the threads (e.g. it might be something like M4 x 1.0) and then look for a similar screw with the same threads that might serve as a substitute. You might be able to cut/file/Dremel the screw into a fair approximation of the original. BTW, a plain steel screw will likely rust easily in this application - look for stainless.

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