I have a Klein Peformance street bike that I purchased from the Klein in 1984 while he was still in the Chicken Coop in Chehalis WA. I rebuilt the entire bike in 1993 including a custom paint job and all new Campy Chorus components. At that time I had 32 spoke - 14 guage Mavic Open 4CD wheels built for the Chorus 8 speed indexed gearset and Chorus hubs. My wife who weighs 115 pounds has been riding the bike since it was rebuilt.

We just returned from four years cruising in Mexico on our sailboat. We have only ridden our mountain bikes since 2000. I sold my Serotta when I went sailing so must now use the Klein Performance as my road bike.

I have gained 30 pounds since I was a serious road rider and am 6' and now 220 pounds. I ride a lot in rural Washington on rough roads. I have been a serious rider for 30 years and spin rather than pound.

The wheels were built by my local shop and they are concerned I am too heavy for the wheels on our rough roads.

Will those 32 spoke/14 guage wheels survive three months of abuse until I get back to 185 - 190 pounds? Will they survive a couple years of 185 pound riding?

If I have to get stronger wheels - where do I find a hub for an 8-speed indexed campy rear derailluer?

I don't need sealed hubs and don't want to spend a fortune on these wheels. Any suggestions?