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    good morning.

    I just posted on the commuter board about saving my existing frame by getting a set of wheels with drum/roller brakes.

    My LBS mech said he rode drum brakes for 8 years all 4 seasons and only recently switched to disks.

    He had sturmy archer but said he did not know how well the shimano roller brakes were?

    he would like me to use Sturmy but he also does not like to use free wheels he said good quality free wheels are not availible anymore so were kind of at a loss at the moment.

    what drum brake options are availible(front and back) , I have to do front/back or it wont work on my bike.

    many thanks


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    Hi "John,"

    Shimano makes front and back "roller brake" hubs, which are their version of drum brakes. The fronts I believe are dynamo hubs, while the rears are available with internal gears. Good for commuting, if you like to commute at a pace where you don't work up a sweat.

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    Charles Ramsey
    If you use the shimano roller brake or a disc on the front it will dish the wheel making it a lot weaker. Santana estimates that the arai drum brake on the back has a pad life of 100000 miles.

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