I got a nice old '72 Bottecchia with Record RD
for ten bucks, it's a nice old road bike

got the bike back together, but the RD seemed to be a little close to the large cog in back (making some grinding noises)... read about adjusting the B-screw to swing the arm back... an article on the net (NG) indicated that the B-screw on older Campy RD's was under the mounting bolt...removed that and then the lower mount, which loosened a spring, which I can't quite get back, and now it's a freakin' can of worms... the chain just hangs loose and I can't figure how to get the chain tension right.


anyone on here with any expertise or even some links to diagrams for old Record derailleurs, their adjustment and such?

or if you live in the Madison Wisconsin area and want to offer some assistance