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    Updating a '91 Stumpjumper

    Hey all,

    Looking for suggestions here.

    I have got a Specialized Stumpjumper from 1991. Almost all original components ( Deore DX drivetrain, 7 speed 12/28 rear cassette , SIS shifters ). I have added fenders (Planet Bike), Shimano M324 pedals, and 26X1.5 slicks. I am planning on making this a regular commuter and possibly a touring bike ( solid frame, why waste it.). So I am looking for suggestions for what to start modifying. Pretty much the existing components look good except for the headset. I live in relatively hilly country ( Seattle ), and any suggestions on gearing would be appreciated.

    Thank you,



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    I live in a town with lots of short steep climbs.
    I need a 27" gear to haul my shopping loads (ie 28/28 with 700c). Your MTB gearing is probably lower than this.
    My top gear for urban travel is a 48/12, but I rarely spin out on this. I use a 38 ring most of the time.
    With 26" slicks you may need different cogs to replicate my ratios so use gear inches to compare
    (chainrig teeth/cog teeth) x wheel diam

    Can you still get cogs to fit 7speed ? This is more than enough gears and the wider cog-cog spacing means a more reliable system than modern 9speeds.

    I dont know planet bike fenders, but close fitting traditional fenders are much more effective and have less air resistance than off-road style dirt-boards.

    Dont forget some lights and relectors and you will have a most excellent urban utility bike.
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