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    Tools and Questions-Help

    Is there a good tool kit for about $50? Or should I just buy what I need as I need it? I'd like to be well equipped, but I'm kinda cheap. Only buy what I really have to.

    I bought a Shimano Cassette remover, but lack a chain whip. I used a huge pair of pliers and was very careful. Some of you are cringing, I know, but it worked pretty good actually.

    When I converted from threaded to threadless, I had everything. I've got a very well stocked toolbox.

    Soon I want to convert from an 8spd Sora group to the Ultegra 9 spd group. Is there a crank puller that covers most cranks, or do I need two? The Ultegra uses a splined BB, my Sora crank does not. Same for a BB tool?

    Or should I just pay my local LBS to remove this stuff, and buy for myself the tools to install and remove the Ultegra stuff?

    I like doing my own work, and almost always buy mail order. I'd love to support my local shop with some big purchases, but it kills me to see an Ultegra crank I can buy for $90 selling for $190.

    Also, does anyone sell just the rotating clamp assembly used on workstands? I'm a welder and could save a lot of money this way. I've got 20 some feet on 1x1 tubing laying around. I could weld up a stand in 20 minutes or so. If I only had the clamp.

    And is there an online source for learning how to adjust shifters and dreailuers? That's my only worry. I'm afraid i'll get my stuff on, then fail miserably getting it to work. I usually screw the drivetrain up worse than it was. I checked out the Park site. kinda helped, kinda didn't.



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    As far as I know there are no quality tool kits for $50. Buy as needed.

    You should be able to buy a Bench Mount work stand which will give you a platfrom to weld your base to. But you can also order just a replacement clamp. Whether or not you can get it for almost nothing on the NET, I don't know. Have never bought any bike stuff there.

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    Instead of using just the website for repair instructions, try getting a good book. Try Zinn's Art of Road Bike Repair, or Bicycling's repair book. They both have lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions.

    I would say just buy tools as needed as well. That way you can buy quality tools without a big hit on your wallet all at once.
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