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    Headset help please

    My beater bike is non-suspension Huffy mountain bike that I've converted into a single speed. It's a nice fit for me and a good ride, but I've been having trouble with the headset. I'd like to replace it with something like an Aheadset, but I'm not sure what size I'd need. Could someone give me advice as to how I can find out?

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    You may run into problems here.... There is various info about headsets on the Park Tool website, in particular with regard to the threadles or "A-Head" system here:

    Is your present setup threaded? if so you may have the following issues:

    1. insufficient fork steerer tube length to allow fitting of a threadless stem. The wisdom in using a threaded steerer tube with threadless components has been questioned (on this forum, can't remember where). It was suggested that there is increased danger of the threaded steerer fracturing, due to concentrations of stress at the troughs of the thread.

    2. You would need to replace the quill stem with a threadless type, compatible with your bars There are adapters available to allow one to use a threadless type stem e.g. from nashbar : However, you still need to use a threaded headset & fork combo.

    3. There are good quality threaded headsets available - simple replacement might be the best option. One thing to watch for is that there are a couple of different standards for the cup/head-tube and fork crown race diameters. Again, the Park Tool website has the lowdown.

    One important point: A good bike shop could make a much better assesment than me

    Cheers and good luck,

    Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live.

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