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    to demount/mount solid bicycle tires

    I use bicycle tires of polyurethane and nylon that have no air tube. They are "solid" tires.

    To demount any solid bicycle tire of any brand name

    -with a large channel lock plier grasp the tire and bend it sideways until the bead rises above the edge of the rim
    -squirt liquid hand soap on the exposed bead
    -insert a large screwdriver, or similar tool, and press to raise the tire until the screwdriver under the tire rests on both sides of the rim
    -move a few inches away and repeat with another screwdriver
    -very soon you will be able to push the solid tire off the rim

    and, ............ to remount the solid tire

    -lower the tailgate of your pickup
    -place the rim on two 4x4 blocks -- one at 9 oclock and one at 3 oclock
    -at 9 oclock run a rope through both tire and rim, over the side of the tailgate and tie it to the bumper
    -at 3 oclock hook your comealong (or you may use the nylon tape ratchet gizmo that is use to secure loads)
    -liberally apply liquid hand soap to the under side of the solid tire
    -with comealong stretch the tire
    - at places where the tire is in the rim, use cable ties to secure the tire to the rim
    -with large screwdriver press a part of the tire onto the rim; and secure with cable tie
    --repeat the process until you have mounted the tire on the rim

    NOTE do not be concerned if the bead of the tire is not completely seated in the rim. you have lubricated the tire with liquid hand soap. when you ride, your weight will fully seat the tire in the rim. the hand soap will dry. no problemo.
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    An old time mechanic once told me that he heated the tires in an oven before mounting, and the same for unmounting.

    You've put up an interesting set of posts, but I'm wondering by whom and where solid tires are still being used, and where do you buy them? They aren't in any catalog I know of.

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    see my thread in General Discusssion

    airfree tires

    airfree tires

    I saw no need to heat the tires. I described installation in detail.

    and thank you for having the courage to ask. in my innocence I posted that info and was you will see .......... immediately battered about the head and ears with hobnailed boots amid cries of SPAM!!!!! ... and was accused of whoring for Hugh Waters, the honcho at airfree tires.

    nothing I enjoy more than a good brawl, but I do miss swilling Pabst Blue Ribbon before and after the fight.
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