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    to replace spokes without demounting solid tire

    (I am self-taught so my method may vary from the orthodox.)

    There is no need to remove a solid tire from the rim to install new spokes. There is no air tube to puncture.

    -place nipple wrench on the nipple of the broken spoke
    -turn the broken spoke to unscrew it from the nipple
    -run the new spoke through the proper hole in the hub, and bring the threaded end to the nipple
    -bend the spoke just enough to insert the threaded end into the nipple
    -with nipple wrench turn the nipple to tighten the spoke

    true the wheel as necessary. See my thread "Truing the bicycle wheel"

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    That will not help if the threaded part of the spoke broke off in the nipple, vlad.

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    you are quite right.

    if the threaded part of the spoke is broken off in the nipple that is a situation involving the colour of a different horse.

    to learn how to easily access, remove and replace the nipple wherein is the part of the broken spoke without demounting the solid tire, please see

    to demount/mount solid bicycle tires

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