I have recently been experiencing problems with my chaingring. I have two 24 inch Schwinn BMX cruisers, both have 3 peice XS cranks on them. The first one that start having problems is my new 2001 Super Stock model. Under heavy crank, I see the ring torqueing really bad. Could it be the stock XS ring?

The older bike is a 86 model former race bike. I upgraded the cranks just recently. After some use the chainring just does not want to center. It was center when I first put it on. I am running a 45t Haro Nuke. The ring is straighten, but just keeps sitting off center after I start peddling. What in da-hui did I do wrong?

I love how I don't have to worry as much about my bottom bracket's bearings with the 3 pce. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.