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    Changing RST Steer Tubes

    I currently have three mountain bikes that have no suspension. All three have one inch steer tubes. The head tubes are all 1 1/8 inch diameter. I have inquired about installing a front shock on at least one or more of the bikes. One of the LOBs stated that RST still makes a 1 inch, threaded steer tubes that will fit at least four models of their shocks. They stated that the tubes are interchangable with the 1 1/8 inch steer tubes that come with the shocks and the lengths would match our current units allowing us to use the existing head nuts and stems.
    Does anyone know if the steer tubes are interchangable on RST shocks? If they are, I would like to pick up a used RST unit and save some $$$. Considering the age of our bikes, I'm trying to keep the investment low, but still upgrade.
    The three old bikes are: 88 Gary Fisher, 89 Nishiki Ariel and 95 Trek 800.
    Any information provided is very much appreciated.
    I have checked the forum for other threads related to retorfitting shocks to older mountain bikes. I know there are those who don't recommend this. However, buying two or three new bikes for my family is expensive and good used bikes with shocks are hard to come by. Thanks.
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    I don't think it's such a bad idea, but the problem I see coming down the pike is exchanging the tubes. They are a pressed interference fit and I would think very hard to deal with unless you have a press. And then doing it w/o destroying something would be a real challenge.

    Sorry I don't happen to know if RST's tubes are interchangable.


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